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Our poke bowls inspired by Hawaiian kitchen are ultra delicious and give you strength and energy for a long day. It is all prepared quickly and immediately right in front of you. Enjoy it in the restaurant or take it with you and enjoy later. Home or office delivery available by food courier. For us, poke is a complete bowl of good food #kaussheadtoitu, delivering a wholesome meal with balanced macro nutrients, lots of vitamins and fresh ingredients. We are a fast and convenient solution for people with a fast pace of life. Poke gives you great emotions with each and every bowl!
We sort, waste less and use local ingredients whenever possible. We only use environmentally friendly, compostable and completely biodegradable packaging. Lids and other transparent packaging are made of plant-based PLA material. We use eggs and egg products by cage-free chickens. Join us by caring and support the sustainable concept!
A bowl of good food – these are all valuable nutrients in a single dish.
Carbohydrates are the energy source for the body and glucose in it stimulates thinking. Contained in rice and nachos.
Fats provide and store energy, reproduce cells and store vitamins. Contained in avocados, seeds, salmon, Sriracha and Oyster mayonnaise.
Protein builds muscle, and produce hormones and enzymes. Contained in salmon, tuna, chicken, squid, tofu and edamame beans.
Vitamins are essential micronutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Contained in mangos, spinach, courgettes, broccoli and carrots.