Padel Company

Padel Company offers two padel courts and bar located on the rooftop of Viru Keskus. Next to the courts you will find bar, where we serve drinks and food, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer sun or grab a drink after your padel match.
We have two different entrances, one from inside Viru Keskus, take the elevator to the 4th floor and walk out through the parking garage. The second entrance is on street level, on Estonia puiestee.
Each court is for max 4 players at a time, as the game is played in doubles. Points are counted the same as tennis and the walls are used to bounce the ball and challenge your opponent. Padel rackets are available for rent when you book your court, and also at the reception. More information about the rules of padel and booking can be found on
Courts are opened Mon – Fr 07 am – 12 pm and Sat-Sun 09 am– 24 pm. During center closing time you can use entrance on Estonia puiestee.