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Viru Keskus x TMW: Micaela S


Micaela S has grown up immersed in music. She is a resident DJ at the club HALL, known for her witty, unexpected, and eclectic sets, ranging from 90s electro to expansive techno. During TMW, her home club HALL will host a preview of the new electronic music festival UNDA as well as a music evening celebrating the 15th anniversary of its “sister” club, the Vilnius Opium Club from Estonia.

Viru Keskus celebrates its 20th anniversary this spring. What is your first memory of this landmark in the heart of the city?
I have a nice story with Viru Centre because my mom, Elena Natale, was the manager of Amarillo and Amigo 20 years ago, so I basically grew up in this building. I clearly remember watching the construction of the center when I was 4-5 years old, which was mega exciting for me. When the center was completed, visiting the ice cream stand, now replaced by a Nike store, became my weekly tradition. That’s where the best soft ice cream was!

Your most embarrassing fashion choice
Oh dear… I went through a sort of “girly” period – mini skirts, mega push-up bras, and the weirdest – striped shirts with cleavage (???). I don’t even know why they always had to be striped, but I guess I liked it at the time.

Where is future fashion heading?
Non-standard, disproportionate, shapeshifting. Unisex everything. Futuristic, latex, strange new materials.

Your style icon in music
VTSS & Erykah Badu are two amazing women for me, who never cease to amaze. Also, definitely Ye (Kanye West) for his statement pieces and the fits with which he styles his wife.

What do you expect from TMW?
Classical:NEXT seems super exciting, experimental, and boundary-pushing – just the way I like it. But to be completely honest, since the beginning of TMW, I’ve always just gone with the flow. You see a friend, for example, in front of the F-hoone, who invites you to a concert, and that’s usually how it goes. Spontaneity!

What does future music sound like?
Trends come and go. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as future music. Music is timeless – like fashion. Everything repeats, mixes, integrates. For example, trance is very much in fashion in the club world right now, and it was the same 20-30 years ago 🙂

Micaela S wears

Outfit I
Boa Kaubamaja / Mammu Couture
Bodysuit Sportland / adidas by Stella McCartney P
ants adidas Originals

Outfit II
Leather jacket Kaubamaja / Gestuz
Bodystocking Calzedonia

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