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Viru Food Hall helps to set a lavish Christmas table


Mom’s braised cabbage and roasted pork, grandpa’s stuffed blood sausages, and homemade lingonberry jam, mmm… the best! But maybe not on each of those cozy winter evening gatherings. Sometimes you want something new, something different. So that everyone can enjoy being together instead of someone laboring in the kitchen. This is where our Viru Food Hall restaurant family comes to help.

For the pride of every Christmas table, there’s the golden glazed roast. Here comes to help Stereo Street Food – they offer pre-seasoned and baked duck roast to ease the hostess’s efforts. The Mexican-style oven duck is filled with tomato-dark rice and corn, and served with roasted pears and oranges. To complement the taste bouquet, there’s a thick orange-brown gravy. This bird needs to be ordered four days in advance but results in a delicious roast suitable for 4-6 people. Stereo Streetfood’s founder Tiina recommends pairing the duck with Argentine Malbec L10 red wine from Valentin Bianchi Winery (San Rafael, Mendoza). The winery also supports children’s health programs in collaboration with Lionel Messi’s foundation. Alternatively, you can opt for on-site prepared mulled wine with roasted almonds and brandy. If you want to celebrate the holiday spirit with friends on-site, Stereo Street Food offers a group menu for six, featuring the best Latin American cuisine. For those who wish to try cooking themselves, there’s an option for a two-course joint cooking experience.

Competing with the Estonian traditional sauerkraut is the legendary kimchi by KimiJimi, available for purchase in jars. To enrich the flavors of the Christmas table, you can bring home a selection of mezze from MEZE restaurant. Mezze is more than just food—it’s a way of eating in good company, creating memorable moments by sharing and diversifying tastes. Sushi lovers don’t have to give up their favorites during Christmas as MySushi offers two festive sets suitable for the holiday table, featuring options like Volcano Maki and Boston Maki.

And to avoid sleepiness after this hedonistic feast, PaperMill’s specialty coffee roastery offers Colombian Christmas coffee with familiar holiday aromas like nuts, mandarin, and plum. For dessert, Pavlova Cafe has prepared an extra Christmassy pavlova with Estonian flavors like lingonberry and sea buckthorn jam, available in three different sizes.

If you have missed purchasing an gift for an adult, Mikkeller is offerin the perfect beer gift set with glasses and two thematic Christmas decors.

Our winter flavor palette is served on Lartusi Villeroy & Boch Christmas tableware, adorned with eucalyptus fragrance by Decoration & Fleur’s Katrin.

Wishing you a beautiful time together, Viru Food Street!

Photos by Marerk Metslaid

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