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TMW musicians share their favorite flavors and sounds


The festival of today’s music and tomorrow’s thoughts – Tallinn Music Week has begun. So that the festival days do not pass on in hunger, the festival’s artists maria kallastu, Reti Niimann, Karl M Pennar, DJs Chika Ogumka, and Yas Lo have chosen their favorites from our Viru Food Hall. They also selected their favorite music, which you can hear playing in our house until the end of this week.

From Viru Food Hall maria kallastu’s favorites are:
Meze Falafel Bowl
Samsa Family Bakers‘ Cheburek with Spinach and Feta Cheese
Loco Rolls’ ‘Strawberry Milk’Crepe
Paper Mill’s Matcha Latte

Reti Niimann’s recommendations are:
Mikkeller’s Buffalo Wings
Stereo Street Food Pulled Pork Torta
Stereo Street Food Strawberry Margarita
Paper Mill Ice Latte

Karl M Pennar’s favorites:
Pelmen’s Donald Duck’s  Dumplings
Poke Bowl’s Chicken Bowl
Loco Rolls’ Fruit Roll Ice Cream
Pelmen’s Sea Buckthorn Juice
Stereo Street Food Guaraná Antarctica Soda

Chika’s choices:
Stereo Street Food Pulled Birria Tacos
Samsa Family Bakers Kaurma Lagman with Beef
KimiJimi Passion Lee with Passionfruit

Yas Lo’s selections:
Stereo Street Food Yukka Fries
Samsa Family Bakers Tasty Uzbek Pilaf with Lamb
KimiJimi Mangolada

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