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The richest summer menu in the city center offers a 20-hour cold-brewed coffee, Beso de Verano, and Amalfi crispy chicken


Viru Food Hall surprises its visitors from June 26th with a summer menu that includes the best summer dishes from various cuisines and plenty of summer flavors. The summer menu can be enjoyed until the beginning of October.

The largest food street in the city center, located in Viru Shopping Center and consisting of 15 restaurants, is expanding with summer dishes and drinks. After opening its doors in June 2022 and welcoming two million visitors since then, the food area is ready to receive summer vacationers and guests. The menu features unexpectedly exciting dishes such as summer strawberry and mango sushi, Amalfi-style baked crispy chicken with mozzarella, arugula, and green pesto, cold-brewed coffee brewed for over 20 hours, as well as rhubarb and strawberry Pavlova. In total, there are over 20 different summer dishes and drinks on the menu, tailored to the expectations and possibilities of the warm season.

Tiina Kõresoo, the owner of Stereo restaurant and restaurateur, says “Summer is a great opportunity for us to bring something special to the people of Estonia, because especially juicy fruits are ripening in the far country, young wines are ripening and all this is more accessible to our people than in the winter season. Stereo brings its flavors directly from Latin America and together with other national cuisines on Viru Food Hall we want to surprise our visitors with fresh flavor combinations every day“.

Tarass Markin, representative of Mikkeller Brewery, one of the top 5 craft beer breweries in the world, notes that in summer, beverages and accompanying snacks play an even bigger role because long warm evenings encourage meetings and enjoyable leisure time. “We see that people are more willing to experiment, trying, for example, alcohol-free beer made from grapes, modern Hazy-style IPAs, or any well-known summer cocktail,” Tarass adds.

At Viru FoodHall, you can taste dishes from 15 restaurants, and the list of summer menu items will make your mouth water. On the hottest summer day, PaperMill offers refreshing cold brew coffee, brewed for 20 hours with cold water to achieve a smoother and summery flavor. You can enhance the enjoyment by pairing it with alcohol-free ginger beer. 3Tilli pizza & pasta satisfies summer cravings with venus clams and lemon-basil pasta, while the renowned street food provider F.Burger elevates their famous beef patty burger with strawberry and rhubarb coulis. Mikkeller Bar, ranked among the top 5 breweries in the world, offers rum iced tea and an Amalfi crispy chicken burger this time.

All other tenants of Food Hall have specially developed dishes on their menus for this time. KimiJimi, the Asian street food vendor, surprises with tempura calamari or succulent ribs in teriyaki or Sichuan sauce, accompanied by a fresh salad. PokeBowl, offering Hawaiian-inspired flavors, continues to serve a healthy avocado chicken bowl, and Meze complements it with lemon chicken cubes, garnished with pomegranate tzatziki. From the kitchen of Stereo StreetFood, showcasing the hot flavors of South America, the summer menu features grouper ceviche with leche de tigre (a sauce originating from Inca cuisine) and ginger chayote to which the Baso de Verano dessert with coconut, white chocolate and mint adds emotions. Estonia’s beloved sushi brand, MySushi, introduces three different sushi options in their summer menu: Strawberry Dream, a salmon sushi with strawberries, and Endless Summer Sushi, featuring avocado, salmon, tamago, and spinach.

Samsa Family Bakers, representing Uzbekistan cuisine, offers a refreshing okroshka soup and a summer Uzbek salad. The best kebab in town can be enjoyed at Kebaboom, who serves it this time as a large salad with fresh vegetables. Bliss, the provider of healthy food at Food Street, helps alleviate quick hunger with summer snacks. No celebratory meal would be complete without a sweet dessert, such as the mouthwatering strawberry and rhubarb pavlova from Pavlova, available as both individual cakes and large cakes for sharing with a group.

Bon Appétit!

Photos by Marek Metslaid

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