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Italian jewelry houses bring jewelry news to Estonian women at home


To feel like a summer queen and make the best choices from sparkling jewelry, GRENARDI invited representatives of several Italian jewelry brands to their jewelry salon at Viru Keskus. Recently, representatives from Leo Pizzo and Roberto Coin visited the salon, inspiring customers and presenting special collections.

In mid-June, representatives of the Italian jewelry house Leo Pizzo visited GRENARDI’s salon at Viru Keskus, introducing new jewelry collections, sharing the brand’s story, and revealing the secrets of jewelry crafting processes to us. Also present was the owner of the jewelry house, Tankredi Pizzo, who personally showcased unique handmade elegance and the story of high-quality gemstones. The Leo Pizzo story is a beautiful tale of an Italian jeweler family dedicated to creating precious items over two generations. Founded in 1971 in Valenza at the heart of the goldsmith region, Leo Pizzo was established by Leonzio Pizzo. In 1987, gemologist Rosaria Di Giorgio joining the company brought greater stability. For over fifty years, Leo Pizzo has ensured top-quality production with the “Made in Italy” label: from product conception to marketing, each stage of the creation process is carried out within the parent company. The creators of the Leo Pizzo brand continuously seek the most refined designs, and the selected materials are of the highest quality, meeting ethical criteria and proven origins as required in the market. Diamonds are exclusively purchased from suppliers following the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a protocol ensuring that the gemstones purchased by end consumers do not come from conflict areas or fund wars against the government of the country of origin.

At the beginning of July, GRENARDI hosted Roberto Coin’s brand day at the Viru Keskus salon, bringing together admirers of jewelry art and guests enchanted by Roberto Coin’s jewelry creations. The event was attended by Davide Montagna, a representative of the iconic Italian jewelry house, who presented specially curated jewelry collections, offering a unique opportunity to explore and acquire exclusive masterpieces not found in GRENARDI’s daily selection. The Roberto Coin brand was born in 1996. Inspired by its founder, with whom the brand shares its name, driven by innate love for art and the fashion world, he decided to leave his successful hotelier career to pursue his dream and embark on a new and passionate adventure. His creativity was shaped by the most historical and renowned masters of Italian jewelry art, who brought Roberto Coin’s romantic and limitless imagination to life through their skills, narrating his tale through jewelry that truly becomes artworks.

Guests had a fantastic opportunity to delve into Roberto Coin’s jewelry crafting processes and discover how every detail and gemstone is carefully selected and handcrafted. Davide Montagna shared fascinating stories about the creation of the brand and its philosophy, highlighting the uniqueness and special significance of Roberto Coin’s jewelry world, symbolized by the “famous ruby” hidden in each piece of jewelry. Roberto Coin adds a small ruby to each of their jewels, securely embedded within the piece, coming into direct contact with the wearer’s skin. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legends, represents a message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele.

Participants at the event enjoyed an exclusive shopping experience and the opportunity to enhance their collections with unique pieces of jewelry. Roberto Coin’s jewelry, worn by world-renowned celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, and Alicia Keys, is highly esteemed in the fashion and jewelry world.

Similarly, Roberto Coin ensures that the polished diamonds they purchase come only from legitimate sources adhering to the international certification and guarantee system known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and guarantee system. Roberto Coin maintains zero tolerance towards conflict diamonds. 

KPCS is a government and non-governmental initiative in the diamond industry that imposes extensive requirements on its member states to enable them to prove the origin of their rough diamonds and prevent illegal or conflict diamonds from entering legitimate trade. Additionally, Roberto Coin Inc. is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The RJC is a standards-setting organization established to promote responsible ethical, human rights, social, and environmental practices across the diamond, gold, and platinum group metals jewelry supply chain.

The GRENARDI jewelry salon at Viru Keskus can confidently be called the most modern and high-tech jewelry salon in Estonia, with two separate customer service zones: one in the sales area and the other in the VIP zone for more private service. Here, all conditions are created for visitors to relax, rest, and enjoy the undivided attention of a consultant in private. Of course, the salon’s product range includes several new products, with the jewelry brand Roberto Coin being the most talked-about. In addition, the salon offers the largest collections of Roberto Coin and Leo Pizzo, not found in any other Grenardi salon. Visitors can also explore collections from well-known brands: Giorgio Visconti, Marco Bicego, Moraglione 1922, Meister, BARAKA, Nanis, Recarlo, Rivoir, and Leo Pizzo. The salon also offers GRENARDI’s private collections Lilly Spring, Due, Zoye, Colours, Naomi, and Spring by Spring, as well as handmade scented candles Spring Light.

The GRENARDI jewelry salon at Viru Keskus stands out for its exceptional service, where every visitor experiences truly exclusive treatment. The salon’s qualified and professional consultants are dedicated to providing personalized and discreet service that exceeds even the most demanding expectations.

Photos by Kalev Lilleorg and Marek Metslaid

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