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In the spotlight of FIBIT: Solecline


FIBIT 2023’1 turns the spotlight on the work, personalities and style of the artists starring at the TMW.

Click sound on while you listen to this reel.
Liked what you heard? Solecline (Sander Rajamäe) will perform at the Tallinn Music Week in the HALL club on Saturday, May 13, HALL

Together with Tallinn Music Week we asked and Solecline answered:

Q: Your most improbable/weird/funny source of inspiration?
A: I remember that a couple of weeks ago I was fascinated by an ERR news item about the legendary series “Salmons”. I watched two shows and here is a little tip to all beat men and producers and the national broadcasting company might send me a letter of reprimand about it: the series is full of cheesy, but interesting music to feed in your MPCs with relish.

Q: How to go fashionably Green?
A: I always try to consume everything in moderation and with awareness. This includes filling my shopping basket at the supermarket, pondering in the shower at home or planning my routes. It is always worthwhile to repeat the well-known mantra “I sort my waste and ride my bike whenever possible”, but I cannot manage without a car. At the same time I have no plans of getting a car of my own and short-term renting is a most convenient solution for me.
I believe everybody can reduce their footprint and consume less, and thus preserve our living environment for the next generations. For me it doesn’t take much effort, because the concept of moderate consumption feels utterly logical and nice.

Q: What is it that you never leave home without?
A: Like anybody else nowadays I would never leave home without my phone, earpods and keys.

Q: What did you last learn about yourself?
A: I don’t really know… I can’t remember anything specific. One can say that I am attending the university of life. It is lifelong learning to control and understanding my feelings. My greatest achievement has been staying calm in stressful situations, but every day is different and sometimes I have moments when I seem to have forgotten everything I have ever experienced. Then I will start learning again.

Q: What are you expecting from the Tallinn Music Week?
A: I am expecting that the artists performing at the festival can gain something from it. It might be a new contact in the music business to make plans with, dozens or hundreds of new fans to raise listening numbers to new heights in Spotify, or just positive emotions that make it worthwhile to return here. I am also looking forward to the lively commotion that accompanies the festival. Tallinn will be the Mecca for music, attracting all kinds of interesting artists, bands and music industry specialists. There will be lots to discover and it takes place at the most beautiful time of the year in May.

Photos: Kalle Veesaar
Outfits: Viru Keskus
As envisioned by Lisa Chrislin Saleh, Morgan Kinna and Solecline

Outfit 1

Glasses Pro Optika
Cardigan: Adidas Originals
Shirt Zara
Tie: private collection
Pants: Zara
Belt: Guess
Bag: Marc`o Polo
Laptop bag: Guess
Footwear: Zara

Outfit 2 (blue and yellow photo)
Glasses Pro Optika
Vest: DSquared Kaubamaja
Jacket: Massimo Dutti
Cardigan: Diesel Kaubamaja
Necklace: private collection
Pants: Zara
Bag: Diesel Kaubamaja
Footwear: adidas Originals

Outfit 3
Glasses Pro Optika
Jacket: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Necklace: Patrick Soome / private collection
Ring: Gohara /private collection
Pants: Zara
Belt: Zara
Bag: RAINS Watch Wear
Footwear: private collection

Outfit 4
Glasses Pro Optika
Scarf: Mango
Cap: Mango
Coat: Calvin Klein
Sweatshirt: Calvin Klein
Cardigan Marc’o Polo
Pants: Zara
Footwear: Nike

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