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Sissi Nylia Benita: I like to feel sexy, feminine — the way that I have actually been created


In what way are you unique?

All my life I have thought that I am different. Especially when I was young the word “beautiful” wasn’t one that I would have used to describe myself. It has arrived in my arsenal of words only now lately, through the years of working on myself. I have discovered that the word “different”, that I used to consider negative, that is actually my beauty. Over the years I have started to love my skin colour as well and the fact that I have brown skin. I like to show it, not hide it. There are of course days when the knowledge that I am beautiful tends to pass me by completely. But I have discovered that I have the right to decide that I am beautiful.

What makes you feel confident?

I feel best when I am dancing and generally when I can be on stage, sing and dance. I love to dance — I feel like a goddess. That is my way of self-expression. Dancing makes me feel feminine and for me it is a very important theme how to be a woman in a world that is often masculine. I like to feel sexy, feminine — the way that I am actually created. Sensuality is very important in my dancing. Sexuality and sensuality are things that could be labelled and taught to suppress. But for a woman sensuality is very important — it is a part of what we are and our creativity.

How do you take care of yourself daily?

On days when I cannot be on stage I do stretching and my facial treatments. As I don’t have any great beauty routines otherwise then stretching and massaging my face, body and organs are the things that I do.  And of course my curls — I terribly like to highlight my curls. With curls I feel very beautiful and again feminine. When I was young I even covered them and wore them in plaits. I was terribly afraid of being different, of shining and taking space in the world. A year ago I discovered a hairdresser who can handle African hair and she told me to come to her. She sort of helped me rediscover my curls. In the beginning of this year I decided to cut down all my hair, because this was something that I had been wanting to do for a long time. Women, trust your instincts when you really want to do something about your looks.

What are the beauty services that you use regularly?

I take roller massages. This helps me to get my lymphatic system working and relaxes my muscles. It makes me feel great. I go to the hairdresser when I really need to. Now I have had facials for a couple of times, but I also enjoy doing it myself. I have taken various courses and for example I learned to cleanse my face and do facials without damaging my skin. Taking care of myself is a ritual for me, it is grounding. I sit down and take this time for myself.

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