GIVEN – discover your world of jewelry!

GIVEN is a jewelry brand that stands for beauty, love, creativity and sustainability, expressing it in the design of its jewelry and in the most thought-out details. We are a retail chain of modern jewelry and watches in the Baltic markets.

GIVEN’s selection includes high-quality gold and silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones to suit every budget and situation. We want everyone to be able to emphasize their personality with expressive, high-quality and at the same time affordable jewelry, which is why we are open to everyone who sees value in our jewelry, wanting to discover something new in the world of accessories.
GIVEN’s desire is to bring jewelery into people’s daily lives by reminding them of what is valuable – the people we hold dear, the valuable life events and traditions, and the long-term value and memory of jewelery. We will help you bring joy to yourself and others by finding jewelry that is a real symbol of a special moment in life, because a person is the greatest value for GIVEN. Feel free to experiment! We treat all our customers as guests! Everyone needs to feel comfortable, free and welcome in our stores.

The range of GIVEN services is wide and diverse:
– the largest selection of jewelry, the opportunity to buy gift cards, as well as the goldsmith and engraving service Goldwork.
– Installment purchase service with 0 payment and completely interest free, creating the opportunity to buy desirable jewelry without spending more.
– Gold exchange service – Bring your gold to the GIVEN store and receive a dignified purchase credit at the best price on the market!

We are waiting for everyone to discover our jewelry world!