Dermatology clinic Niine Nahakliinik

Dermatology clinic Niine nahakliinik – ENG
Niine Skin Clinic (Niine Nahakliinik) has years of experience in the prevention and treatment of skin problems. Niine Skin Clinic’s staff consists of medically educated experts who are dermatologists and oncologists recognized in Estonia and Europe. Even in the field of aesthetics, the highest quality and safest service can be provided by personnel with medical education and experience. At the Niine clinic in Viru Keskus birthmarks are checked, simpler skin diseases such as papillomas and warts are treated, and aesthetic beauty procedures are performed.
The clinic’s portfolio of beauty services includes a wide selection of both modern non- and minimally invasive methods (cosmetic treatment, photo rejuvenation, filler injections).
Niine Skin Clinic’s mission is to ensure early detection of melanoma and skin cancer and prompt appropriate treatment. In addition to melanoma and skin cancer, we diagnose and treat other skin diseases, allergies and sexually transmitted diseases.