Confido Walk-in Clinic

Mo-Sa 10:00 - 21:00
Su 10:00 - 19:00

Confido’s walk-in clinic at Viru Keskus offers quick solutions to your health problems! We treat various health problems, including minor injurie, or if you are simply feeling under the weather. Our staff includes experienced medical professionals, doctors and nurses, who will help you onsite or refer you to a specialist or medical check-up.
The Confido walk-in clinic at Viru Keskus offers the following services:
– medical counselling and consultations,
– health certificates,
– wound care and procedures,
– blood tests and health tests,
– health examinations, e.g. birthmarks, body composition, and cardiograms,
– COVID-19 testing
– vaccination.
Confido walk-in clinics are designed to help you when you need it the most – we are always ready to help!
In general, customers are served in live queues, but you can also book an appointment in advance, if needed.