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Coffee IN Lounge

The coffee of Coffee IN is like an adventure to a coffee fan: taste, aroma and enjoyment with thousands of nuances. Our coffee shops provide unforgettable taste experiences and energy to modern active people.
The high quality of our coffee is ensured by our long-term experience, the know-how of brilliant baristas, and using only freshly roasted coffee beans. A wide selection of cold and hot coffee drinks awaits a true coffee gourmet. In addition we also offer extremely tasty cocoa and chai drinks.
Yo! Frozen yoghurt is a melt-in-the-mouth treat that cools you on a hot day and warms your taste buds on a cold day. Yoghurt made from low-calorie and low-fat Estonian ingredients with fresh berries and other additions is truly healthy, but the main thing is that it is truly tasty! Refreshing smoothies are natural, made of genuine fruits and berries. You can choose among smoothies made of juice or frozen yoghurt.