The pharmacy in Viru Keskus is the most up to date of the Apotheka chain in the Baltic countries and one of the two pharmacies in Estonia to use robots for handling medications. Is has also the largest area for beauty and wellness products of all Apotheka pharmacies in Estonia. Besides selling medications nearly half of the pharmacy is set aside for the specially developed beauty section that features beside the Estonian trademark OMA Care also several international brands like Crescina, Labo Specific, Mincer Pharma, Neoderm, Fillerina, Maube, Organic Pharmacy. All the represented brands have been approved by experienced skin experts and pharmacists.

Selling high quality products is only one part of the healthy daily activities of Apotheka. The pharmacy has also an area for wellness services where customers can evaluate their health status with a wide range of tests. They can measure their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and hemoglobin levels. They can also measure their body composition and check their feet. In the beauty area customers are offered skin diagnostics and they intend to start providing counselling on how to quit tobacco use. In Apotheka you can also get COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. In spring and summer they also offer vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.
Vaccination against Covid-19 is available in Apotheka pharmacy in Viru Keskus from November 7 to December 31, 2021. The vaccination service is offered in the pharmacy by healthcare providers. The vaccination is free of charge.
In order to get vaccinated patients would first need to register online by using the phone centre to avoid people gathering in the pharmacy. Use of personal protective equipment is provided in the pharmacy.