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Yulia’s Myverse


Yulia 007 is a legendary lawkeeper in Viruverse.

Yulia will open to us the areas of her universe outside the Viruverse as well.

The centre of your Myverse:
The focus of my world are my children, taking care of my health, fashion and beauty.

The favourite star of your taste galaxy:
I love to make healthy food and various smoothies, but for me all kinds of seafood are a special treat to my taste buds.

The trend from light years away that you would revive:
I would love to bring back the fashion of the 70s and 80s.

Beauty procedure that always helps when you feel like you have been sucked in by a black hole:
Shopping always helps with stress! And of course a wonderfully relaxing massage in the SPA salon will release any traces of tension from my body.

 If you could travel to any point in the universe, you would go:
Italy or France, the country of fashion.

One thing you have recently changed in your habits to ensure that our planet would always beautify the Milky Way galaxy:
I am a great fan of sports and therefore I walk a lot.

The one thing that you would make better in the universe with your super powers:
I would like peace and balance reign in the world.

The outfits of Yulia come from Viruverse:

Outfit 1
Sunglasses Le Specs / Watch Wear
2-piece suit set: Marella
Footwear: Peter Kaiser / Salamander

Outfit 2
Sunglasses: Chimi / Watch Wear
Bag: Guess / DenimDream
Coat: Marchiano by Guess


Styled by: Johanna Oden
Photographs by: Kalle Veesaar
The concept was created and IT dialogues were held by: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe / Viruverse
Makeup by: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa, Mari-Ly Kapp
Produced by: Stiilikanal

* The Myverses have been visualised by AI based on the persons answers.

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