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You can also help people from the Ukraine!


You can also help people in need from the Ukraine!
Find the way that feels best for you here:

Estonian Red Cross looks for new basic commodities, new bed linen and also cash donations.

Initiative “For Ukraine!” looks for donations and volunteers, and at their website you can also register your offer of accommodation for refugees.

The official website of the Ukraine accepts any kind of help.

Estonian Rescue Association looks for help with rescue equipment.

Estonian Refugee Council looks for donations and volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees.

UN emergency fund UNICEF helps children in need and looks for donations to aid them do that.

Tallinn University is ready to create opportunities for Ukrainian students to continue their studies.

Estonian Academy of Arts offers the possibility of continuing their studies to art students from the Ukraine.

Estonian Children’s Literature Centre collects books and art supplies for children.

is a nonprofit organisation (Family for Each Child) supporting the protection of children without parental care and their evacuation from the Ukraine. The organisation has opened special accounts for donations to support the evacuation and assistance efforts:
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CATS HELP MTÜ and  Aita Mind Koju MTÜ are nonprofit organisations that will go to the Ukrainian border to help animals in the Ukraine and bring them away if needed.
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Beware of fraudulent requests for donations.

Let’s join forces and support the Ukraine and the values we believe in.
Peace and understanding!
Viru Keskus


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