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Viru Keskus x TMW: AfroChill DJs


DJs Chika Ogumka and DJ Yas Lo, aka Yasin Lossini, are members of the AfroChill collective of African-origin DJs and community activists based in Tallinn. AfroChill’s club nights have popularized styles such as Afrobeats, Amapiano, Gqom, and Singeli in Estonia, but beyond that, their organizers can be considered ambassadors of African diversity and creativity in our cultural field. They can be heard at Tallinn Music Week on Thursday, April 4, at the Fotografiska in Telliskivi Creative City during the Africa NOW! music night, which focuses on artists from the African continent and diaspora.

Viru Keskus celebrates its 20th anniversary this spring. What is your first memory of this landmark in the heart of the city?
Chika: Hmm… It’s been years, and recalling the first memory is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But I do remember setting up my first mobile-ID plan here. It was so exciting to discover that documents could be digitally signed. I also remember walking here in a magical perfume cloud, feeling that life is beautiful.
Yasin: Viru Centre initially struck me with its rich selection of stores, but now it’s also a modern icon of Tallinn.

Your most embarrassing fashion choice
The way I tripped over my baggy pants, executed a dramatic fall, and had my pants fly off…
Yasin: I once bought brand shoes that were too big because they were on sale. It was quite a challenge to wear them properly.

Where is future fashion heading?
Since Generation Z has brought back oversized clothing, it would be nice to see a era where less fabric is wasted for the sake of style, and even more enjoyment is found in recycling.
Yasin: Towards artificial intelligence. Especially in winter clothing, this could ensure insulation without excess layers and smart temperature regulation.

Your style icon in music
Ayra Starr. But I also really like the style of Instagram content creators korty_eo and Glory Emenyi. Yasin: DJ Black Coffee’s style resonates with me; it’s elegantly African.

What do you expect from TMW?
To take advantage of all the opportunities this wonderful week offers.
Yasin: A lively, exciting presentation of diverse talent, innovative music, and invigorating ideas.

What does future music sound like?
Calmer… I think we are moving from an ultra-fast-paced era to 6/8 time signatures, richer sounds, and fewer repetitions. People get tired of mainstream pop quicker, and soulful, live instrumental music makes a comeback.
Yasin: I imagine future music where African genres merge with artificial intelligence, creating a completely unique sound alloy.

Outfits in the photos

Photo I
Chika wears:
Earrings Mango
Blouse and pants Pinko
Shoes Watch Wear /Inuikii

Yasin wears:
Hat Zara
Glasses Watch Wear / Chimi
Vest Watch Wear / Rains
Sweater Watch Wear / Deus
Pants / adidas Originals
Watch Watch Wear / Triwa
Shoes adidas Originals

Photo II
Chika wears:

Scarf Gant
Coat Zara
Top Zara
Pants Arket
Shoes adidas Originals

Photo III
Yasin wears:

Hat Ballzy / New Era
Glasses Watch Wear / Chimi
Vest Calvin Klein Jeans
Shirt Arket Pants
Calvin Klein Jeans
Shoes adidas Originals

Photo IV
Chika wears:

Earrings Zara
Jacket Kaubamaja / Diesel
Necklace Zara
Bra Intimissimi
Bracelets Zara
Pants Kaubamaja / Gianni

Photo V
Yasin wears:

Glasses Watch Wear / Chimi
Necklace Mango
Vest Nike / Jordan P
ullover Zara
Pants Zara
Watch Watch Wear / Triwa
Shoes Ballzy / Nike Air

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