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Viru Keskus x Jazzkaar x TMW: Reti Niimann


Reti is a young R&B artist whose small frame belies a surprisingly powerful and soulful diva’s voice. Along with her band, which has made waves in Estonia’s jazz scene, she will perform at the TMW Estonian Jazz Union concert evening at Fotografiska center on Saturday, April 6th and at Jazzkaar on April 25th, again at the same location.

Viru Keskus celebrates its 20th anniversary this spring. What is your first memory of this landmark in the heart of the city?
I can’t really remember such a first memory, but I do recall times when I had to spend time between school and training, wandering around Viru Keskus and imagining I was an adult who had decided to go shopping after work. It seemed magical to me, and of course, I peeked into all the stores, imagining where I could wear such beautiful clothes in the future.

Your most embarrassing fashion choice
Definitely the high-waisted skinny jeans I wore when I was 13. I didn’t have any waistline back then and I looked very funny!

Where is future fashion heading?
I can’t really imagine future fashion as such because you never know what will happen. However, I hope that people find more courage to truly wear what they want. It would make everyone’s being more pleasant and fashion could be enjoyed even more.

Your style icon in music
I think currently I resonate with the style of Silk Sonic, both musically and their entire vibe. Their disco-tinged style feels very warm and sincere to me, and I value that greatly.

What are you looking forward to at TMW and Jazzkaar?
I definitely really want to make it to JT Conception’s concert. I’ve been a fan for a long time and always make it to their lives when possible!

What does future music sound like?
The same goes for future music as it does for fashion. I hope it moves towards freedom and pure self-expression, and that people create art that primarily speaks to themselves. I also hope that artists will have the courage, despite established styles, to want to experiment with different styles even more.

Reti Niimann wears

Outfit I:
Jacket Mango
Blouse Zara
Skirt Mango
Belt Mango
Stockings Calzedonia
Shoes Ballzy / Converse

Outfit II
Blouse Arket

Dress Arket
Bracelets Zara
Shoes Private Collection

Outfit III
Dress Zara
Shoes Zara

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