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Viru Keskus Welcomes First Ever adidasOriginals and Nike Flagship Stores in Estonia


Yesterday, Viru Keskus celebrated another milestone in the process of its comprehensive renovation by opening a circular passageway hosting the flagship stores of such iconic sports brands as Nike and adidasOriginals. The newly opened brand flagships boast uniquely novel store concepts, treating their visitors to a newly minted image and shop the most recent collections

According to Gertti Kogermann, the CEO of Viru Keskus, the addition of these two flagship stores is part of the shopping centre’s comprehensive renovation. “We are delighted that two world-renowned lifestyle and sports brands have chosen Viru Keskus as the location of their flagship stores. These novel store concepts are invigorating and offer a unique visitor experience,” explained Kogermann. “Positive emotions and a sense of community are what we want to be offering in addition to the attractive physical shopping environment, and that’s what Nike and adidas stores bring to Viru Keskus. In addition to the comfort of shopping, our customers can vibe with a wider community,” added Kogermann.

“London. Berlin. Tallinn. These are three cities in the world where adidasOriginals has opened its new flagship stores. We are delighted to treat Estonians, as well as visiting tourists, to the revamped store concept in Tallinn’s Viru Keskus. The new store welcomes customers with iconic adidasOriginals products, several bold collaborations and timeless classics mixed with local art,” added Nelli Nilson, CEO of Sportland Estonia, who operates the adidasOriginals franchise store.

According to Rainer Tops, CEO of AS Jalajälg, the preparations have paid off: “We are overjoyed to announce that we have opened our biggest and most innovative Nike flagship store in the Baltics. For the first time, we offer the best sports products on a 495 m² space, which means the widest range of products to date. This is an exciting step in a new direction and the only right thing to do with Viru Keskus with whom we have been collaborating successfully since 2004.”

The new sports section at Viru Keskus enjoyed a truly grand opening — hosting influencers from the world of sports and entertainment, unforgettable performances from various artists, with both brands treating their visitors with special gifts and entertainment, such as pop-up performances, podcast recordings, stylist tips, screen printing and a photo wall.

The adidas Originals flagship store is decorated with a unique branded window created by artist Helen Sirp, whose design was inspired by playgrounds and is an excellent example of a novel emotional solution at the Viru Keskus

Photos by Kalev Lilleorg

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