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Viru Keskus was recognized as the best service organisation in Estonia


During the Good Service Month of 2024, the service providers at Viru Keskus received the most praise.

Here are some excerpts from the Appreciate the Service Providers campaign, where Viru Centre’s service providers received the most praise:

For Piret from ECCO:

“I praise the ECCO salesperson at Viru Keskus, who helped me choose the most stylish shoes. She was very friendly and helpful. I am very grateful to her for helping me choose the right shoes for my feet.”

For Maie from the Information Desk:

“I have never seen such good service anywhere in the world 🙂 

Very helpful in finding information about Tallinn city.

For Raul from PaperMill:

“The service at PaperMill is always on a super high level, but Raul is the star of PaperMill – excellent service every time :)”

March was for the 21st consecutive year in Estonia the Good Service Month. As part of this, the Praise the service (Kiida teenindajat) campaign took place, giving clients the opportunity to recognize the best customer service. This year, the customer service at Viru Centre were most appreciated among service organizations.

Throughout its over 20-year history, Viru Keskus has considered maintaining a consistently high level of service to be very important and has regularly focused on it. Even in recent years, when several crises have affected the retail sector and the center has undergone significant renovations, service has not been forgotten as a crucial part of the pleasant retail experience alongside a pleasing spatial experience. Regular Mystery shopping with feedback collection is conducted in all stores, participation in the Praise the Service survey is ongoing, and the best service providers and service points at the center are selected annually. The Praise the Service Providers campaign is an important part of the comprehensive picture for us, as it provides direct feedback from customers.

According to Urmas Kõiv, the founder and CEO of, service providers were appreciated 19,327 times in March. Urmas Kõiv, initiator and leader of the Best Service Provider Contest and the Good Service Month, stated, “The ‘Appreciate the Service Providers’ initiative has been standing for 21 years in promoting the recognition and development of good service.” He added, “Customers’ expectations for service providers’ expertise and human communication skills are higher than ever before. Machines already handle simpler service tasks today; hence, the role of the service provider is to offer human, caring, and personalized service that machines cannot yet provide.”

Urmas Kõiv invites all companies and public sector institutions to develop service and appreciate service providers as the best Estonian service organizations do: Viru Keskus, Reitan Convenience Estonia: R-Kiosk and Caffeine, Elisa, Sportland, Tele2, SEB, Telia Eesti, MyFitness, Tallinna Sadam, and Synlab.

During this year’s campaign, Viru Keskus stores were appreciated 3,442 times through the Appreciate the Service Providers initiative, with praise given to almost all retail stores.

The most praise was received by Kolm Tilli, Arket, Make yourID, Pavlova, ECCO, Infopunkt, YOLO, MySushi, F.Burger, and NailSpa.

Personal praises were given to 147 employees of Viru Keskus, with the highest number of customer praises going to Piret Puusepp from the ECCO store and Maie Paju, an employee at the Viru Centre Information Desk.

Photos from last year the Best service nominations awards in Viru Keskus.

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