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Viru Keskus takes bloom with a unique digital artwork by teamLab


From November to May, Estonian Art Museum Kumu will host an exhibition by world-renowned digital art collective teamLab titled ‘Impermanent Flowers Floating in a Continuous Sea’. In addition to Kumu, another one of their visual artworks – ‘Proliferating Immense Life’ – will be on display at Viru Keskus until February. In the descending autumn gloom, this digital work of art will enliven the shopping centre by flourishing across digital screens that span several floors and immersing our visitors in a continuous stream of ever-blossoming flowers.

teamLab’s works are exhibited all over the world in the largest art museums, both digital and traditional, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hamburg, Singapore, Seoul, and Miami. As of this November, Tallinn will be among the select few to proudly join their ranks. 

At Viru Keskus, the visitors will be able to see an excerpt of an earlier piece by teamLab titled ‘Proliferating Immense Life’. On an enormous digital screen of approximately 20 square meters, the public can admire the natural circle of life through a continuous stream of budding, blooming and wilting flowers. See the video here. Throughout the years, Viru Keskus has been a major supporter of culture and art, including special collaborations with Estonian Art Museum Kumu. This time, an estimated 40,000 visitors of Viru Keskus will have the opportunity to admire this work of art on a daily basis, courtesy of Kumu.

According to exhibition co-ordinator Inga Jaagus, digital art is an artistic discipline that is growing in prominence. Instead of the traditional brush and paint, it uses all the possibilities offered by modern technology. “teamLab’s works combine art, science, technology and nature. We are delighted that Estonias can now immerse themselves in digital nature created by teamLab at Kumu. The piece displayed at Viru Keskus demonstrates the possibilities of technology to make art more accessible to larger numbers of people. It is quite unusual for a shopping centre to have such technical capabilities, and Viru Keskus is set to deliver its visitors a truly unique artistic experience,” explained Jaagus.

At Viru Keskus, the piece is visible from the Viru Food Hall on the 0th floor, or when walking through the shopping lane on the 1st floor, and the installation will be on display until the end of February next year.

The digital artwork has been created by the teamLab, whose latest installation will be on display at the Kumu Art Museum until 7 May 2023. The exhibition includes three powerful pieces by teamLab, which also provide an opportunity for interactive engagement with a personal mobile device. For more information about the exhibition, please visit.

Photoes by Kumu and Viru Keskus

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