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Viru Keskus opens most sophisticated Apotheka pharmacy in the Baltics


As part of the ongoing makeover of the Viru Keskus shopping centre, Apotheka pharmacy has opened the most sophisticated pharmacy in the Baltics. In addition to traditional prescription medicines and health products, the new and improved Apotheka will offer its customers a wide range of health services and beauty products

“Responding to the needs of its customers has always been a key priority for Viru Keskus. Today, we can see clearly that with the rise of online shopping, physical shopping environments must invest in extra effort to provide unique experiences and convenience services. In this respect, Apotheka is an excellent example of what Viru Keskus is striving to accomplish with the current makeover. Apotheka’s new concept goes beyond the sale of traditional pharmaceutical products by conveniently providing a range of health services that used to require considerable effort. Alongside Kaubamaja’s Beauty Department and other trendy boutiques at Viru Keskus, the new Aphoteka will ensure that Viru Keskus remains the preferred choice for beauty conscious trendsetters,” commented Gertti Kogermann, the CEO of Viru Keskus, describing the importance of Aphoteka’s new store concept.

Apotheka’s novel approach to public health is in part driven by the increasing demand for pharmaceutical beauty products. As a result, the dedicated beauty and skincare section takes up nearly half of the pharmacy at Viru Keskus. In addition to the Estonian brand OMA Care, Apotheka’s product selection boasts a number of fresh international brands such as Crescina, Labo Specific, Mincer Pharma, Neoderm, Fillerina, Maube, and Organic Pharmacy – all endorsed by qualified skincare experts and pharmacists.

According to Marika Pensa, Apotheka’s Franchise Business Manager, the new concept introduced at Viru Keskus is the most sophisticated in the Baltic states and only one of two in Estonia that employs robot assistants. “It is becoming increasingly clear that the role of pharmacies is expanding to a much wider range of product groups and services. The primary objective is still to offer health care products, but it is now being seen more broadly than simply medicines to treat ailments,” commented Pensa, talking about the refurbished pharmacy that boasts the largest selection of wellness and beauty products in Estonia.

The wide selection of top-quality products is only one part of Apotheka’s health offering. The pharmacy has also considerably expanded the wellness services offered at Viru Keskus. Now customers can choose among a wide range of tests to assess their health status on-site,

e.g. blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and haemoglobin levels, as well as body composition and foot examinations. In the beauty section, customers can undergo skin diagnosis and in the future, Apotheka plans to start offering advice on quitting tobacco. Additionally, Apotheka also administers influenza vaccinations and rapid testing for COVID-19. In springtime, the pharmacy plans to resume inoculation against tick-borne encephalitis.

Photos by Kalev Lilleorg and Hans-Kristen Sapas

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