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Viru Keskus makes preparations for the reopening by using both nanotechnology and disinfection with cold fogging


Viru Keskus prepares to open the centre and utilises evidence-based methods to reduce the spread of the virus. For example in addition to current solutions some surfaces will be covered with a nano layer that destroys common bacteria and viruses. The cold fogging method will also be used for cleaning public spaces.

“We welcome the decision our government made to reopen shopping centres. We are fully prepared to invite our visitors into a safe environment. Caring is the key,” says Gertti Kogermann, Manager of Viru Keskus.

Viru Keskus is the only shopping centre in Estonia with the LEED O&M Platinum environmentally friendly certificate and currently the centre is making significant investments to ensure a safe environment to customers. “We take increasing the safety of the centre very seriously and we think it is important that the actions to be taken would be evidence-based and more thorough than the established rules,” Kogermann notes.

He adds that completely new solutions will be utilised in addition to steps taken during the emergency situation, like touch-free hand disinfection stations and improved ventilation.

“As an important step to improve the air quality in the centre and to curb the spread of the virus we will install in our general ventilation equipment new disinfection technology that uses UV radiation,” says Kogermann. This solution will ensure that air in the centre is free of bacteria and viruses. This is a scientifically proven and certified method.

The centre is also covering the surfaces in public toilets and elevators with a catalytic nano layer that will eliminate 98% of most common bacteria and viruses. The cold fogging method will also be utilised for cleaning the rooms, eliminating most frequent bacteria and viruses. Cold fogging uses air saturated with a large amount of tiny disinfectant particles no more than 80 micrometers in size and is therefore much more efficient, as the disinfectant covers surfaces more evenly and to a wider extent.

Immediately upon opening the centre Viru Keskus will implement other activities to provide safety:

  • 20 hand disinfection stations have been installed
  • Restrooms and elevator surfaces have been covered with a high-technology catalytic nano layer that eliminates any possible virus particles on the surfaces
  • Any surfaces in the centre will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, including by cold fogging that eliminates any possible virus particles
  • The inlet air to the centre will be disinfected through ventilation by using special high-technology UV-equipment
  • The floor surfaces in the centre have been covered with a new protective layer to prevent dirt infiltrating the flooring
  • Bins for the disposal of single use personal protection equipment have been set up near the centre’s exits
  • To ensure compliance with the 2+2 rule information stickers have been installed on floors for visitors and an additional security team is provided.

In November 2019 Viru Keskus was awarded the only LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) O&M (LEED for Existing Buildings: operations and maintenance) Platinum Certificate for sustainable and environmentally friendly operation of a building in Estonia. Platinum is the highest level of this prestigious certificate.


Kristel Sooaru

Marketing and Communication Manager for Viru Keskus

+372 610 1404

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