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Viru Keskus is the main sponsor of the legendary ERKI Fashion Show


Viru Keskus has signed a cooperation agreement with the Estonian Academy of Arts to serve as the main sponsor of the Academy’s legendary fashion show which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In addition to supporting this milestone event, the winning collections will be exhibited in the 

Viru Keskus atrium later this year.

“For decades, Viru Keskus has been committed to supporting creativity and culture. The contract concluded with the Estonian Academy of Arts will give us an opportunity to contribute to the education of future fashion designers by supporting the organisation of the ERKI Fashion Show, which has always served as an instrumental a springboard for upcoming designers,” commented Kristel Sooaru, the Head of Marketing and Communication at Viru Keskus. 

 In the autumn, Viru Keskus is set to host an exhibition of the show’s best collections. “The legendary ERKI Fashion Show 2022 is a unique event for discovering future fashion talent. In April, Viru Keskus served as the venue for casting catwalk models for the upcoming fashion show, and we are eagerly looking forward to exhibiting the winning collections later this year, as it will help us introduce breakthrough talent to a wider audience,” said Sooaru.

“This year, the fashion show organised by the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Throughout the years, these events could not have taken place if it were not for the people and companies who believed and supported our mission. We are extremely grateful that Viru Keskus has joined us in promoting our message of freedom and self-expression, which must be communicated as loudly as possible in today’s world. Only through cooperation will we be able to maintain what we have won in fair battle, be it personal or national independence,” explained Karin Kiigemägi, the Executive Producer of the ERKI Fashion Show.

According to Kristel Sooaru, who also serves on the jury, the ERKI fashion show provides an excellent opportunity for young designers to present and defend their final thesis work.  “As a member of the jury, and as someone with extensive experience in fashion, I am well equipped to share valuable insights and provide constructive feedback, which can serve as a creative spark and motivator for young people who are just starting out in this business,” commented Sooaru.

The ERKI Fashion Show 2022 will take place on 11 June at 18 at the Estonian Academy of Arts, doors open at 17. Introduction of all nominents participating in ERKI Fashion show can be seen here.

The ERKI Fashion Show is a fashion competition organised annually by the Estonian Academy of Arts, and it is considered among the most anticipated events of the year. The show’s origins date back nearly half a century, having stood the test of time in the Estonian design, fashion and cultural landscape. This year’s show will feature the work of 15 young fashion designers. In addition to exciting fashion collections and wonderfully entertaining company, the show will feature performances and music to fuel an eventful evening in a creative atmosphere.

Viru Keskus, located in the heart of Tallinn, is Estonia’s most visited shopping centre, that also serves as a popular meeting place, and a venue for a wide variety of entertainment and cultural events. Additionally, it is also the only building in Estonia that has been awarded the highest recognition for sustainable operation and maintenance, the LEED O&M Platinum Certificate. Throughout the years, the creative solutions presented at Viru Keskus have been awarded altogether 50 marketing and advertising awards. For more information, please visit

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