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Viru Keskus GRENARDI salon was visited by well-known jewelry designer Laura Bicego from NANIS brand


Laura Bicego, founder and designer of NANIS, which has been among the most popular jewelry brands in Estonia for many years, visited GRENARD Viru Keskus salon in early November to meet Estonian customers.

The meeting with Laura Bicego took place in the GRENARDI salon in Viru Keskus, which has just been completely renovated and offers customers a unique private service zone. At the meeting, Laura shared her dream of a conceptual revolution in jewelry. In Laura’s vision, jewels should blend into every facet of everyone’s lifestyle. This is what inspires the artist to create jewelry that changes its shape and adapts to every occasion, while being distinctive and extremely wearable, light and versatile. Each NANIS piece is meant to be interpreted according to each woman’s taste, personality and situation.

“Estonian women are characterized by a modest but memorable beauty, with which a restrained, matte shine goes very well. Also, local women are very fashionable, so it is here that our latest transformer products, which can be made into chokers, necklaces and bracelets, find attention,” Laura Bicego introduces the new NANIS collection, according to whom all meetings with fans of the Nordic brand were pleasant and cheerful.

Hailing from Italy’s Veneto region, the signature of the NANIS brand is its characteristic engraving technique that adds a matte sheen to the gold. The NANIS surface finish allows the light to penetrate deeper than the surface of the gold, radiating a warm glow over each detail and making it unique and special.

According to Julia Šandra, CEO of GRENARD, the arrival of such high-profile jewelry world stars in Estonia is a good sign of the maturity of the local market and increased purchasing power. “Over the decades, we have been used to jewelry made of gold and precious stones having a classic, traditional design, but NANIS changes this pattern. The taste inherent in the brand brings us the modern beauty of gold and precious stones, which many cannot expect. We are very happy that Estonian consumers are brave and pioneering here,” said Šandra.

NANIS is an Italian luxury jewelry brand that values ​​craftsmanship and craftsmanship. More information about NANIS and Laura:

In 2023, the GRENARD jewelry store chain will celebrate its 15th year of operation. To celebrate the birthday, GRENARDI will organize a series of meetings in Tallinn with the biggest stars of the jewelry world, who will come exclusively to Estonia for this occasion. Giorgio Visconti, Leo Pizzo and Annamaria Cammilli will also visit Estonia at the end of 2023. This year, GRENARD’s renovated Viru Center opened a unique salon with private service in the Baltics, the display of which is one of the best in the region and attracts interested parties and buyers from Estonia and neighboring countries.

Photos Kalev Lilleorg

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