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Viru Keskus celebrated the opening of the unique Ilusfäär on the IV floor and introduced new fashion stores.


The inside and outside renovation of Viru Keskus has lasted over a year and has now successfully reached a new intermediate stage. Yesterday they celebrated the opening of Ilusfäär on the IV floor of the centre – it is an oasis of comfort, care and emotions in the rushed urban lifestyle. Ilusfäär includes Confido Walk In Clinic, Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, dermatology clinic Niine Nahakliinik, NailSpa, Make yourID, MyFitness and PadelCompany that offer a unique convenience service to a city dweller who will get both aesthetic medicine, sports and beauty services and care procedures all provided together on a single floor.

After the creation of Ilusfäär, the center has undergone major changes and several new international fashion and lifestyle brands have arrived there, such as Under Armour, Timberland, Pinko, Karl Lagerfeld, Ballzy, Watch Wear, adidas Originals, Nike. The stores of all these brands are the only flag-ship stores in either Estonia or the Baltics, which meets Viru Keskus’ goal of being distinctive for its customers.

In the near future we can expect more good news when the Jo Malone boutique will open its doors in the centre — the only one in Estonia.

Viru Keskus has been renovated step by step and the ones that have already completed the process are Sportland, BonBon, Marc & Andre, ProOptika, Instrumentarium, Kuldan, and the three Kaubamaja worlds located in Viru Keskus: Beauty World, Women’s World and Food World. Apotheka and Rahva Raamat that has been selected one of the best bookshops in the world have also been completely renovated.

In addition to that Viru Food Hall opened its doors in June in the wing of the centre next to Tammsaare Park. It was created in partnership with the most celebrated food heroes in Estonia and thousands of food fans have already found their way there.

The final stage of the renovation of Viru Keskus is to be completed in the spring/summer 2023 and then a complete facelift together with new cool shop concepts will be given to the I and II floors of the Hobujaama hallway. This is the hallway that brings in visitors from the road crossing with the most intense pedestrian traffic in Estonia. And as the cherry on the cake there will be a completely new international trademark added that will set up its only shop in the Baltic countries in Viru Keskus.

According to Gertti Kogermann, the CEO of Viru Keskus, there is every reason to rejoice.  “I am extremely glad to see that Viru Keskus and our tenants are turning out exactly the way that we have envisioned for the future of retail trade. Dynamic, full of emotions and surprises, without forgetting the busy city dweller’s expectations of convenience – you can take care of everything with us. Visitors can plan their visits to include fashion shopping and beauty procedures and in the end give themselves a treat with the gourmet dishes in Viru Food Hall.”

What will a visitor find in Viru Keskus Ilusfäär?

Estonian medical group Confido Healthcare Group is the anchor tenant of Ilusfäär in Viru Keskus. With its two clinics it has created a complete area of health services with more than 10 reception rooms set up in the space of over 400 square meters. In addition to consultations with nurses and doctors in Confido Walk In Clinic, Confido Aesthetic Clinic in Viru Keskus offers new beauty and aesthetic medicine services never before seen on the Estonian market, like infusion treatment, plasma lifting, filler injections, acid peeling and lipolysis. The journey of an aesthetic medicine customer always begins with complete body and skin diagnostics, and on the basis of that the subsequent treatment scheme is composed with the specialists.

Several clinics and beauty salons have already been working all summer, but the latest newcomer — Niine Nahakliinik – will open its doors on Oct. 17. It will bring to Viru Keskus its 12 years of experience in preventing and treating skin problems. We all know that dermatologists have long waiting lists and it is difficult to see a specialist, but the new Niine Nahakliinik offers such services that anybody who needs help can find a convenient solution to their problem as quickly as possible. Niine Nahakliinik is staffed with specialists with medical qualifications – dermatologists and oncologists highly regarded in Estonia and in Europe, and in the aesthetic area they can also offer the most high quality and safest services by experienced staff and clinics with medical qualifications. In its offices in Viru Keskus Niine Nahakliinik will be doing fast check-ups of birthmarks, treating simple skin problems like papilloma, warts etc., but it will also offer aesthetic beauty procedures.

In Ilusfäär in Viru Keskus you can also find NailSpa that offers complete high quality nail care, hair salon Make yourID with master hairdressers, and two sports clubs. In Viru Keskus you can find sports club MyFitness that is highly popular with the people living in the heart of the city. In addition to individual and group sessions there is now an outdoor training hall as well. PadelCompany is operating on the roof of Viru Keskus in summer.

Photes by Ardo Kaljuvee and Jelena Rudi

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