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Viru Keskus celebrated completion of the full renovation


Viru Keskus celebrated the completion of its largest internal renovation works in its 20-year history with a special party yesterday. In the fully renovated atrium, adorned with freshly planted green columns, more than 1,500 people enjoyed performances by Kitty Florentine, Ewert and The Two Dragons, Sander Mölder, and Puuluup. Fashion enthusiasts were captivated by a bold and memorable fashion show, showcasing the premier selection of the renovated center, led by Estonian stylists Julia Volosko, Liisa-Chrislin Saleh, and Aivar Antonio Lätt. To spice up the fashion show, models took to the stage in roles usually unseen. Make-up artist Maris Rätte in cooperation with Lancôme and Make yourID master hairdressers in cooperation with Wella helped to prepare models for the show.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of the best service spots and service providers in the center. Goldtime, MyFitness, and ProOptika shone for their outstanding performance in 2022, with Agne Mikker (ProOptika), Jana Krot (Goldtime), and Kiira Ivanova (MyFitness) being acknowledged as the best service providers in Viru Keskus.

Party guests had the pleasure of enjoying delicacies from the pop-up snack bars located in the center’s corridors, as well as the beloved Toidutänav (Food Street) that has won the hearts of the city’s residents. On the floor dedicated to beauty and well-being, guests were treated with the finest oysters by master chef Anti Lepik.

The nearly two-year construction process leading up to the party can be viewed here

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