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Viru Keskus and our parkinglot are open during roadworks too!


T_LL_NN city centre is undergoing a transformation and may seem scary, but in fact, you can still visit us and access the parking building easily from any direction.

When arriving by car, from North Tallinn or Nõmme, you can reach us by car along your usual route, Pärnu Road or Mere Boulevard. If you come from the direction of Kadriorg, you have to change your habits a little, but you can reach our parking building nicely by driving along Tartu Road, then turning onto Kaubamaja Street, which is a small street right after the main building of Kaubamaja; after Kaubamaja Street, a small semicircle drive around Tammsaare Park will bring you to the entrance of our parking building. And there you are! Waze will also guide you along the right path without any problems.

You can still access our parking building from the Narva Road, just like before. It is the most affordable parking building in the centre of the city, and you can conveniently park without printing a ticket, i.e. just using your mobile. Viru Vooluring, the largest electric car parking and charging area in Estonia, awaits electric cars in our rooftop parking lot.

Even better, if you can… , come walking, by bicycle or scooter. Fewer traffic jams, less carbon dioxide! As many as 115 parking and charging spots for light vehicles await you around our building. This includes regular bicycle parking lots, Bikeep smart bicycle parking lots, and charging points for electric bicycles and electric scooters. There are 6 more parking areas for electric scooters in the immediate vicinity of our building.

See you soon, we look forward to your visit!

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