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Unavoidable summer entertainment: now you can play padel on the roof of Viru Keskus.


An open-air padel centre with the greatest view is opened  in Viru Keskus to offer fans the chance to test their skills in a quickly growing racket sport padel.

According to the manager of the padel centre Mikko Luukkaa the sport is gaining popularity among Estonians and that is why they decided to make the service available to everybody in the city. “We believe that padel will win its place in the affections of Estonians. It is a racket sport suitable for everybody, for tourists, business people and those who wish to have fun and enjoy summer. Thanks to its fabulous location on the roof of Viru Keskus it is now more convenient and easy to introduce the sport to wider audiences,” says Luukkaa.

Kristel Sooaru, Marketing and Communication Manager of Viru Keskus, thinks that it is important for a contemporary shopping centre to be more than just a place for shopping. “Opening the padel centre will enable us to offer our visitors besides shopping also a chance to test their athletic abilities and find themselves a potential new hobby that they can come to us to practice. This is a truly thrilling social game that I can recommend that everybody should try,” says Sooaru.

Padel is similar to other racket sports like tennis and squash played on a closed pitch sized 10 m x 20 m, but it is usually played in doubles. It is physically easier than tennis and beginners can quickly master it. Thanks to the glass walls and fences surrounding the pitch, the ball is rarely struck out of the game and therefore a game point can last longer.

The recently opened padel centre is operated by Padel Company who has taken it to heart to develop the game and boost its popularity. The pitches in the padel centre are open on the rooftop terrace every day from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. To book a time it is most convenient to use the mobile app at the company’s home page. In addition to two pitches there is also a comfortable bar area with refreshing drinks and light food on the rooftop terrace. It is no problem if you have no padel equipment as you can buy or rent them onsite. In future there will also be various padel competitions on the rooftop terrace of Viru Keskus.

During the opening event of the padel centre on the rooftop terrace of Viru Keskus some celebrities, like speed skater Saskia Alusalu, former football player Joel Lindpere and musician Stig Rästa, also had the chance to try their hand at padel for the first time in their lives.

Look the video from opening event and come to play!


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