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Tiina’s Myverse


Extrovert artistic soul. The founder of Stereo Street Food and one of the brightest stars in Viru Food Hall.

She opens up her Myverse as follows.

The centre of your Myverse:
I have learned that you can only rely on yourself and therefore it could sound a bit selfish, but I consider myself to be the centre of my universe, and the sun, light and warmth behind me.

The favourite star of your taste galaxy:
My taste galaxy is a whole Andromeda of tastes, meaning that there are quite many of those. The latest favourite star is nevertheless the Latin American taste world and the entire indigenous kitchen culture there.

The trend from light years away that you would revive:
Little black dress is an item we cannot do without! But the 20s and 30s, and the golden age of Humphrey Bogart and men who always wore suits are an irresistible trend that I admire.

Beauty procedure that always helps when you feel like you have been sucked in by a black hole:
Hot bath with body peeling, then some fabulously fragrant cream and in the end long sleep in a cool room under a warm blanket.

If you could travel to any point in the universe, you would go:
Cartagena in Columbia is currently one of my dream destinations. I would also like to go and discover New Zealand some day.

One thing you have recently changed in your habits to ensure that our planet would always beautify the Milky Way galaxy:
I am careful to avoid letting rubbish end up in the nature, in the woods or on the seaside. I also use lots of the so-called nose-to-tail foods when I cook. I use everything up as much as possible both in cooking and actually also in clothing.

The one thing that you would make better in the universe with your super powers:
It would be my dream to make the world a better place by eliminating malice, viciousness, envy and greed between people. To make people do things not only for economic profits, but because they actually like it.


Tiina is glittering in outfits coming from the Viruverse.
Outfit 1
Kimono: Zara
Cardigan: Pinko
Outfit 2
Sweatshirt and skirt: Rotate Birger Christensen / Kaubamaja
Footwear: Tamaris / Salamander

Styled by: Johanna Oden
Photographs by: Kalle Veesaar
The concept was created and IT dialogues were held by: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe / Viruverse
Makeup by: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa, Mari-Ly Kapp
Producer: Stiilikanal

* The Myverses have been visualised AI based on persons answers.



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