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Tiina’s flavor galaxy


If you’ve been to Viru Food Hall, it’s hard not to notice Tiina shining behind the Stereo Street Food counter. Tiina’s love for good food is admirable and inspiring! This is evident in the entire essence of Stereo because Tiina is the founder of this wonderful place. Viru Food Hall’s flavor galaxy is vast and wide, offering something for everyone. For those lacking ideas, Tiina already knows what delights the taste buds.

My favorite stars of  Viru Food Hall flavor galaxy: First and foremost, I must highlight Stereo, where you can truly find unique Latin American flavors in Estonia. But I would also mention the Uzbek cuisine and Samsa Family Bakers. Dolma, pilaf, and crispy, airy cheburek are the best.

This national cuisine reflects me the most: I have many favorites, but currently, I am still fascinated by the endless secrets of Mexican and Peruvian cuisine. As a timeless classic, Italian cuisine has been my favorite for years. You can find both timeless classics and new discoveries with us! On Tiina’s table, there’s Stereo’s winter salmon ceviche with sweet potatoes and beef birria tacos, classic Pavlova with strawberry from Pavlova Cafe, paired with the wonderful bubbles Humberto Canale Extra Brut (available only at Stereo in Estonia).

A super dish that can surprise even the most unexpected guest: I have three hits in countless variations that always make everyone’s mouth water. Ceviche, risotto, and Pavlova cake, which I make slightly differently from the classic, like a large tarte with wild strawberries.

My culinary pallet in three words: Sour, spicy, and sweet-salty Asian combo. But with pure flavors, not overly mixed. Tiina is a true food and art enthusiast – thanks for opening up your flavor galaxy!

See you at Viru Food Street!

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