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The best service point in Viru Keskus is candy store “Magusa Maja”


Press release: 28/01/2019

The best service point in Viru Keskus is candy store “Magusa Maja”

 The best service persons, service points and shopping environments in Virus Keskus, based on last year’s results, were once again announced yesterday evening, on January 27. The title of the Best Service Point 2018 went to our local candy store “Magusa Maja”, Calvin Klein Jeans shop was rated the best shopping environment, and the best service person in Viru Keskus is Mari-Liis Saal of Goldtime jewellery boutique.

Every year on the last Sunday in January, we announce the best service persons and service points in Viru Keskus, based on the past year’s results, and award the honorary titles.

“This is a kind of recognition that all title winners can be proud of, because the best are chosen as a result of trainings, testing and assessments completed during the whole year, and each service person’s individual contribution has a notable role in the entire process,” commented Taivi Koitla, marketing and communication director of Viru Keskus.

The main competitions organised annually in Viru Keskus are for the title of the best service person, the best service point, and the best shopping environment. The best service points are chosen based on practical skills of the service level and later through assessments of theoretical knowledge as well. Shoppers and shopping environment specialists identify the best shopping environments. The best service person is determined after test purchases and theoretical test rounds at a sales competition between the finalists that lasts for a whole day, with the service persons showing their skills under the scrutiny of a jury and cameras by selling previously unknown goods in an unfamiliar environment. “It is a great honour and recognition to involve all service persons in this event in order to provide ever higher service levels. The competitions are far from easy and all the participants in the process are winners in their own way,” Koitla added.

“Magusa Maja” candy store – this year’s winner of the “Best Service Point in Viru Keskus” title – has excelled for years with its outstanding service. “For us it is important that a client leaves our shop smiling and feeling great,” said Tõnis Mikkor, member of the management board of Magusa Maja. “Naturally, we have also developed our service standards and principles of good service, but training and acquired knowledge alone are not enough to provide a great shopping experience. Creating good communication with a client takes willpower. And the grounds for that are suitable personal characteristics,” he stated. “In my mind, good service experience can be provided by a person who has skills and knowledge, but in addition to that is kind, nice and likeable,” Mikkor said to sum up the subject.

The best service point in Viru Keskus in 2018 is “Magusa Maja” candy store; the second place went to Premiere by Poldma and the third to Cityflower flower shop.

The best service person in 2018 is Mari-Liis Saal (Goldtime); the second place went to Jelena Vesselova (Goldtime) and the third to Mariliis Pelberg (Premiere by Poldma).

The best shopping environment in Viru Keskus in 2018 is Calvin Klein Jeans, Sportland was rated second and Apotheka claimed the third place.

Viru Keskus is a shopping and entertainment centre with the greatest visitor numbers in Estonia. The fashion centre located in the centre of Tallinn is a highly valued meeting place and provider of high quality cultural and entertainment experiences. Viru Keskus contains over a hundred shops and services, the largest bookstore in Estonia that has been included among the four best bookshops in the world, the largest area of beauty products in the Baltic countries, cafés and restaurants, a sports club and a parking house with the best rates in the city centre. Viru Keskus has been awarded the only LEED O&M Silver Certificate for a sustainably operated and administered building in Estonia and its marketing and communication activities have won nearly 40 awards. Additional information:


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