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Tallinn Viru Keskus Unveils the Tommy Cash Collection for Maison Margiela


Observant passers-by have probably already noticed the graffiti-covered billboards gracing the facade of the shopping centre Viru Keskus in the heart of Tallinn. They are part of the promotional campaign celebrating the launch of the latest fashion collection designed by Estonian rapper and visual artist Tommy Cash in collaboration with the renowned French fashion house Maison Margiela. In addition, a slide show of photographs of the Tommy Cash collection for Maison Margiela will be displayed on screens at Viru Keskus, both indoors and outdoors. 

The Tommy Cash collection for Maison Margiela will be launched today, March 18th at 18:00.  The collection boasts a wide selection of clothing, accessories, as well as a piece of music that incorporates sounds that are unique to Tommy Cash.

Kristel Sooaru, Head of Marketing Director at Viru Keskus, is very proud that the shopping centre was chosen to host the promotional campaign that celebrates the launch of Maison Margiela’s newest collection. “Maison Margiela is a renowned trendsetter in the fashion world, one that mainstream brands take their cues from. Tommy Cash has already graced the biggest billboards in New York’s Times Square, it is high time to display his artwork on the façade of Viru Keskus, our very own Times Square right here in Tallinn,” remarked Sooaru.

With regard to creative vision, Maison Margiela and Tommy Cash are truly a match made in heaven. Belgian designer Martin Margiela, the founder of Maison Margiela fashion house, originally set out to deconstruct the prevailing fashion paradigm, and develop a completely new approach. While Margiela has been dubbed the Marcel Duchamp of fashion design, Tommy Cash, a notorious provocateur in his own right, has also been deemed a surrealist. This collaboration was born out of their mutual love for conceptualism, and its fruits  are now adorning the facade of Viru Keskus.

Artwork for Tommy Cash x Maison Margiela collection promotion is displayed on screens both inside and outside the Viru Centre, accompanied by the rapper’s recordings. The fashion collection itself will be unveiled online today, March 18th at 18:00 at The release of Tommy Cash’s next album is scheduled for April.


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