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Shopping centres and markets in Tallinn will shoulder the vaccination effort


Vaccination tour will start in the shopping centres and markets in Tallinn next week. Four shopping centres and two markets will jointly offer their customers and employees the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The vaccination bus will stop next to the shopping centres and markets from August 16 to 27 in a place where it would be convenient for visitors to get their shots and face this autumn with more confidence. This is also a convenient opportunity for hundreds of shop employees who will get their chance to get vaccinated delivered at their doorstep. Vaccination will be carried out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, no prior registration is needed.  In Viru Keskus the vaccination shuttle will be from 16th to 17th August from 11 a.m. to 21 p.m. in Tammsaare park teracce.

“Trade is one of the largest sectors in Estonia and employers have always considered it important to safeguard the health of their people, while securing also their jobs,” said Nele Peil, Managing Director of the Estonian Traders Association. “This spring we jointly committed to self-regulate by checking that people wear masks and maintain distance. We also cancelled any large marketing campaigns that would attract people to visit shops. Now we consider that to facilitate vaccination is our chance to contribute to keep Estonia open, maintain jobs and enable children to go to school.”

The second half of August is always a busy time for shops as this is the time when people get their school supplies. Thinking of the younger people, the vaccination buses parked next to shopping centres are offering the Pfizer vaccine that is meant for everybody from age 12. Although the first shot gives primary protection, one should certainly get the second vaccine dose in 6 weeks’ time. A specific time and place is offered for that in connection with the first shot, but when the time comes one can also go to any convenient vaccination site in Estonia. For more information go to or call 1247.

You need to have your ID document when you come to get vaccinated. It is recommended that underage children come with their parent or guardian, but if a young person wishes to get vaccinated and expresses that wish on-site, the presence of an adult is not obligatory.

Vaccination is free of charge in Estonia and available to anybody living, studying or working in Estonia.

The vaccination bus is scheduled to stop at shopping centres:

August 16–17 from 11 to 21 next to Viru Keskus on the Tammsaare park terrace

August 18–19 from 11 to 21 in the car park of Kristiine Keskus, next to the entrance

August 20–21 from 11 to 21 in the car park of Rocca al Mare centre

August 22 from 11 to 19 and August 23 from 11 to 21 next to the main entrance of Ülemiste centre

August 24 from 9 to 17 in the Baltic Station market next to the entrance of the evening square

August 25–26 from 9 to 17 in the Central Market next to the entrance


Vaccination is carried out by medics of the West-Tallinn Central Hospital.

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