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Raul Vaigla: In my life I follow the principle of everything in moderation


What does well-being mean for you? 

Well-being means different things for me. The most important is my own inner balance. It is the old saying that the mental and the physical must be in balance. This also leads to well-being that is expressed in my being, what I do and my relationships with my nearest and dearest. I always try to be the best husband, the best father, the best colleague. Naturally I don’t think that it is a duty, but it happens naturally.

The same goes about beauty – being beautiful is connected with the essence. Inner beauty must be reflected on the outside as well. I don’t consciously think where or when I am beautiful. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with my hair tousled and say to my wife that “see, a man with genius hair woke up”. My wife approves.

What helps you to stay confident and enhance it? 

In my case the age helps. I am certain that confidence comes with age, I know it from experience. With age you start to trust yourself more. You don’t take so much to heart like you did when you were younger. And you do things that make you feel good without thinking first about what others would think about it. I also advise others to do something like that, that makes you feel good. For example you should be able to admit things about yourself that you aren’t satisfied with. Start from making good these shortcomings.

They say that Estonian men don’t care about their health, how about you?

I think that nowadays men acknowledge ever more that they must take care of their health. In general it is important that men should pay attention to their mental and physical health, and find their own elements in that equation.

My lifestyle includes the idea of everything in moderation. I do my best, even when my contribution is minimal. For me it is important to do sports, and every year or a year and a half I do my “technical inspection” with my family practician. Talking about the physical side, physical exercise in a stable way is a part of my life. I play ice hockey two or three times a week and have been doing that for the last twenty years. One can say that it is an addiction in a good sense. My son Rob shares this passion for ice hockey.

Setting sports and doctor’s visits aside, how do you take care of yourself?

I am lazy about beauty treatments, I do them as much as it makes me feel good. I can even be bothered to shave only every couple of days. My morning routine is to clean my teeth quickly, splash my face with water and have a quick shower. Due to the pandemic I got so lazy that my wife became my hairdresser as well, but by now she has managed to turn me back to a professional hairdresser. I also take some massages sometimes, because professionally it is good to have your body rubbed to root out any muscle tensions. These are unavoidable when you play an instrument.

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