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Parcels safely and quickly from Viru Keskus Pick-up point


To offer relief to congested parcel machines and provide shopping opportunities during Covid restrictions Viru Keskus opened a Pick-up point convenience service. Customers can order goods from the web-shops of shops in Viru Keskus and get their parcels from a special pick-up point.

Viru Pick-up point is a safe shopping alternative for customers and it is also a solution to closed shops that are able to serve their customers thanks to it. “The service is safe and convenient for customers and for shops, it overcomes the need for courier services and difficulties with congested parcel machines. Customers can receive their parcels quickly from the Viru Pick-up point located in Viru Keskus at the Narva Road side,” explained Kristel Sooaru, Marketing and Communication Manager of Viru Keskus.

The development process has been fast and effective, completed with our partners in just a couple of days. An app was created that helps control the customer flow and the capacity of Pick-up point. “The shops in the centre have shown keen interest in the service and more traders join the service daily, thus widening the choices for our customers,” Sooaru added.

Ille Karlep, manager of the Euronics shop in Viru Keskus praises the service: “Viru Pick-up point has an excellent location and it is in great demand among our customers. This enables us to comply with the purchase requests of our customers very quickly and easily. We can just send a message to the customer that the parcel is ready to be picked up. We are also very happy with the Pick-up point sending us a message after customers have picked up their parcels.”

Customers only need to place their orders through the web-shops of the shops in Viru Keskus or by other means and then receive their purchases in the room located at the Narva Road side that has pink signs pointing to it. Viru Pick-up point is open Mon-Sun 12:00 – 21:00, incl. holidays. The phone on Viru Pick-up point is  +372 5568 0089. The delivery time depends on the terms of the specific web-shop, but we can promise at least same day delivery. For a list of shops in Viru Keskus please go to

Receive your e-store parcels quickly and safely from Viru Keskus Pick-up point!

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