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Once again Viru Keskus brings fashion documentaries to the public through MoeKunstiKino


Viru Keskus presents: MoeKunstiKino

MoeKunstiKino is a festival of fashion films that brings to the public the newest and most colourful fashion documentaries. This year the screenings will take place in Tallinn, Tartu, Jõhvi and Viljandi.


This year MoeKunstiKino will present three carefully selected documentaries.

“Audrey” is a portrait of the beloved actress Audrey Hepburn, who was famous for her excellent style sense and who had a fruitful partnership with the French designer Hubert de Givenchy. The film is screened in English.

“House of Cardin” features the legendary French designer Pierre Cardin widely acclaimed by the fashion world for his unique collections. The film is subtitled in Estonian and Russian.

“Margiela – In His Own Words) brings forth from the backstage the fashion design genius Martin Margiela who kept himself always very private and hid his identity. The film is subtitled in Estonian and Russian.

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The films in MoeKunstiKino are mostly documentaries that delve deeply into the background of the fashion industry. The main characters of the films are legendary fashion creators, photographers, editors and also beginning fashion personas.

It is important to understand that fashion does not equal seasonal trends and glamorous fashion shows, but it is a set of signs conveying different messages both on the personal and wider level. Fashion reflects any current affairs in the society. Fashion documentaries bring light to the backstage of this industry that touches everybody. They help you to get a better understanding of how and why the fashion world operates.

The author of the MoeKunstiKino idea and its coordinator is Helen Saluveer who has been selecting fashion films for the Estonian public for 15 years already.


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