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New Confido aesthetics clinic in Viru Keskus combines beauty and health


Confido faces autumn with a new clinic that combines beauty procedures with medical ones. The business manager of Confido’s aesthetics branch, Mari Sauga and medical manager Dr. Janno Atna discuss how the Confido clinic in Viru Keskus differs from others and what does it focus on.

What was the reason for opening the clinic now and what is its position among other Confido clinics?

After COVID we are sensing very clearly that people wish to invest more in their health and looks. We have more and more customers contacting us who wish to feel good about their looks. Compared to other clinics, the Confido clinic in Viru Keskus has a completely new concept. Here health and beauty go hand in hand and the 400 square metres here include both aesthetics and a walk-in-clinic. The main focus is still on aesthetic medicine and here we offer the possibility of maintaining bodily beauty with the help of top specialists and technology. We are also offering various body procedures with Zimmer devices that use state-of-the-art technology. In our clinic one can combine various body procedures to save the customer’s time and get a more efficient result.

Why should people prefer the clinic in Viru Keskus and who are you expecting as visitors?

Our mission is to offer a complete approach with all the most important well-known modern aesthetic services provided in a single centre. We have a strong team of top specialists both in medicine and aesthetics. That is the differentiating feature of Confido that with us one can combine beauty procedures with medical ones, if necessary. If necessary, our professional doctors and nurses of aesthetic medicine can refer the customer to medical treatment, for example to use laser treatment options or to see a dermatologist. We are certainly expecting to see men using the services provided by our clinic in Viru Keskus, because most of our services are excellent for them as well.

Why is the clinic situated in Viru Keskus and what are the advantages of such a place of operation?

Nowadays it is a general trend that non-surgical fast aesthetic procedures are getting ever more popular – the so-called lunch-time procedures that customers can use very quickly by scheduling them between other daily activities. At the same time it is important to ensure professional standards and safety. In Viru Keskus we are close to the customers. This allows us to make improving health and beauty as logical and easy to consume like a daily trip to the shop. This is a highly popular centre in the very heart of Tallinn, people are used to going there and it is also actively visited by tourists. The message of our opening campaign is also “Your well-being in the centre”. With this we wish to convey two ideas of ‘in the centre’ as the location and as in the person.

Why is it important to approach beauty and health together?

Aesthetic medicine is a part of general medicine and its aim is to improve and create better emotions that we need in our daily life. Aesthetic and standard medicine fit together, because the emotional input created by aesthetics often helps to fight milder illnesses or severe diseases. A human being is a whole, with needs that may include both beauty and health services. For example somebody may come for facial procedures, but there is a wart or a scar that bothers her. We can offer a solution to both needs. This way these two things are strongly linked together from the person’s point of view. Most operators on the market don’t offer a simple combination of medicine and beauty services. This is also a differentiating feature of Confido.

How do aesthetic medicine and sports fit together?

Naturally, aesthetic medicine and sports fit together as they provide the basis for each other. Sound mind in a sound body. Our services also include several body care procedures with results that depend quite directly on the patient being prepared to change his or her nutritional and exercise habits.

How has aesthetic medicine developed in the last ten years and what is the position of Confido in this?

Aesthetic medicine has seen extremely powerful developments in the last ten years. Procedures are moving from operating rooms to doctors’ offices and they are getting much faster. The so-called anti-ageing medicine is a completely separate branch of medicine. Multiple scientific articles are published daily on stopping ageing. Confido has the mission of moving towards the future by learning from the past, keeping up-to-date with medical developments and offering it to our customers.

What would you recommend to somebody who would like to do something for their health and looks after a long and hard winter, but who doesn’t know where to start? Would it be a good idea to head to the clinic in Viru Keskus in this case?

Naturally we will find an individual solution for everybody and that is precisely why we recommend having first a consultation that allows us to chart the needs and offer solutions. We can offer a range of refreshing and toning facial and body procedures. We also offer the possibility of toning your body with infusion treatment that means administering vitamins or immunity strengthening medication intravenously. We have also developed vitamin blends for athletes that speed up the recovery process after hard training. To save the customer’s time we try to do as many procedures as we can simultaneously.

Does the clinic operate seasonally that favours dealing with a certain kind of troubles in summer and another kind in winter?

We do aesthetic procedures all year round, but generally there is indeed a rule that people pay much more attention to their looks in spring and as summer approaches. There are indeed some procedures that cannot be done in summer, immediately after being in the sun, like laser depilation on body areas that are exposed to the sun. Nevertheless most of our services can be used all year round.

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