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Mardo’s Myverse


Mardo is the CEO of The Body Shop Estonia TikTok account. Besides this side hustle his full-time job is to smile and others laugh. In his Myverse not a single day passes without glitter, glamour, special clothes and makeup. Any haters are banned from his Myverse.

The centre of your Myverse:
My family and friends.

The favourite star of your taste galaxy:
Medium spicy shrimp and hot salads.

The trend from light years away that you would revive:
Big pockets on pants and jackets.

Beauty procedure that always helps when you feel like you have been sucked in by a black hole:
Body peeling. Sugar helps to remove any bad energies from the body.

If you could travel to any point in the universe, you would go:
I would go to Saturn. The striking ring around it tells me that there is plenty of style.

One thing you have recently changed in your habits to ensure that our planet would always beautify the Milky Way galaxy:
I find uses even for my well-worn shirts and blouses to avoid throwing them away.

The one thing that you would make better in the universe with your super powers:
I would eradicate unfairness and contempt to ensure that everybody could always feel safe anywhere.


Mardo’s glamorous outfit comes from Viruverse
Glasses: Watch Wear
Artificial fur jacket: Stine Goya / Kaubamaja


Styled by: Johanna Oden
Photographs by: Kalle Veesaar
The concept was created and IT dialogues were held by: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe / Viruverse
Makeup by: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa, Mari-Ly Kapp


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