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Letters from the Heart


From November 13th to 19th, you are invited to the “Letters from the Heart” in the atrium of Viru Keskus. “Letters from the Heart” encourages you to look into the depths of your heart in the middle of Souls Month November and write down everything that is on your mind. The reason is simple – so that we can move forward in life with greater ease and brightness. Elina Naan and join forces during Souls Month to remind us to lighten our burden. “Letters from the Heart” calls for the preservation of kindness, and peace. Every person who chooses to write a letter is responsible for their words. Heart Letters cannot control or take responsibility for the content or mood of the letters, but with trust, we encourage acting out of kindness. The main goal is to express unspoken feelings to make room for new breath and joy! You can put on paper your thoughts and feelings that simply need to be dissolved and let go, and place them into a box located at Viru Keskus atrium. The collected letters will not be read or shared; they will be disposed of with the help of a good partner.

In addition, Omniva provides the opportunity to post letters in a prepaid envelope so that those letters that should reach the recipient do not go without postage. Everything needed for writing is available on-site.

The idea behind “Letters from the Heart” is from Elina Naan, whose first poetry collection’s lines inspired this initiative:
Sometimes I don’t speak
because my heart is out of tune.
But I write and wish
that your heart has its eyes open.

“Letters from the Heart” are a reminder to look deeper into ourselves before the dark period and lighten the heart – with care, compassion, and warmth,” says one of the main organizers, Elina Naan. supports the project with advice and assistance – there is mental health first aid volunteer on-site at Viru Keskus every day from 12 to 2 PM. They are available to provide support and help with supportive listening when needed. “Expressing care, kindness, or sincere warmth can often require quite a bit of courage. With “Letters from the Heart”, you will find support and inspiration to take time for yourself between darkness and tensions,” adds Anna-Kaisa Oidermaa, the CEO of

For more information:

Contact: Elina Naan +372 5810 0037
Liis Härma ( +372 5298 380

Photos: Marek Metslaid
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