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Kristel Sooaru, Marketing and Communication Manager of Viru Keskus: “Culture is our style”


Viru Keskus has throughout the years been more than just a shopping centre. “We have always had an awareness of the importance of culture in the worldview of our visitors and thus have consistently provided high-quality cultural events in the centre,” says Kristel Sooaru, Marketing and Communication Manager of Viru Keskus. By bringing such events into retail trading space, strong partnerships with various cultural institutions have been developed, which have withstood even the more difficult times.

During the difficult COVID-19 year, which has led to the closure of several shopping centres, Viru Keskus has found opportunities to support its partners in various ways. “We have seen up close the challenges cultural managers have faced in the maze of the constantly changing rules and have lent them our support when they had to make decisions in the chaos,” Kristel recalls the fickle times. Although Viru Keskus was forced to abandon some cooperation projects, they made efforts in the name of maintaining cooperation with long-term partners. “All the cultural partners of Viru Keskus have been flexible in creating new solutions and planning events,” Kristel compliments.

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Photos: Riina Varol

Styling and concept: Liisi Eesmaa

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