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Katja’s Myverse


Katja is a fitness warrior from the heights of the Beauty Sphere (Ilusfäär).
She is a trainer at MyFitness that has been completely renovated and will open its doors tomorrow, October 4.

Katja describes her Myverse like this.

The centre of your Myverse:
Shiny & bright stardust. There is more of it in some places and a bit less in others. Some love it and others hate it.

 The favourite star of your taste galaxy:
As a trainer I should probably say “water”, but as I am also only human, I would say “diet coke”.

 The trend from light years away that you would revive:
The freedom of the early 90s.

Beauty procedure that always helps when you feel like you have been sucked in by a black hole:
Certainly sleep (but I would not say “no” to Botox either).

If you could travel to any point in the universe, you would go:
Back to my home planet. I have a theory that we are all just stardust and it is nice to think that somewhere up there is my home with people who are beautiful inside and outside.

 One thing you have recently changed in your habits to ensure that our planet would always beautify the Milky Way galaxy:
I think it is important to consume sensibly. I am sure that anybody CAN change the world (certainly their own galaxies).

 The one thing that you would make better in the universe with your super powers:
I would like to enable people to venture freely round the universe to help them see that they themselves are the universe.

The outfits of Katja come from Viruverse.

Outfit 1
Earrings: Mango
Jacket: Nike /Sportland
Body: Zara
Footwear: Mango
Hat: private collection

Outfit 2
Jacket and pants: Remain / Kaubamaja
Handbag: Mango
Footwear: Remain / Kaubamaja


Styled by: Johanna Oden
Photographs by: Kalle Veesaar
The concept was created and IT dialogues were held by: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe / Viruverse
Makeup by: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa, Mari-Ly Kapp


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