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Katja’s flavor galaxy


Absolutely everyone wants to know the answer to the question: what does a fitness trainer eat? Our MyFitnmess trainer Katja opened up to us about her enviable shape secrets and flavor galaxy favorites.

This national cuisine reflects me the most: Being of Ukrainian nationality, of course, it’s my childhood kitchen: borscht, bacon… fresh black bread, fresh potatoes, pickles – these are my eternal favorites. But if I make an adult choice, then I find that Mediterranean cuisine is the best for both my taste buds and my health.

My favorite stars in the culinary galaxy of Viru Food Hall:  Kimi Jim’s shrimp tuk-tuk rolls are the perfect on-the-go meal when you want to eat “healthily and quickly” but don’t feel like running around the city or the stairs of Viru Keskus with a plate. Also, Meze and Poké Bowl bowls – those colors, flavors, and just the right amount of calories. Plus, there’s no heavy feeling in the stomach afterward. I also got fresh grapefruit juice from F.Burger.

A super dish that can surprise even the most unexpected guest: I like to organize themed dinners – the last one was dedicated to Ukrainian cuisine, and I made 36 Kyiv cutlets. It was superb!

My culinary pallet in three words:  I like clean flavors – the less processed food, the fewer sauces, the better. Salads, simple fish and meat dishes, simpler carbohydrates as a side. Simple and clean food.

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