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Jüri’s flavor galaxy


Jüri – our iDeal boss spends a lot of time …and many lunch breaks at Viru Keskus. His recommendations are worth taking seriously because to us, Jüri seems to be not only a connoisseur of iPhones but also an expert on sauces! He shared his flavor universe preferences with us.

This national cuisine reflects me the most: Italy! Abundant flavors, complementing food with wine, lots of passion, all without counting calories!

My favorite stars of Viru Food Hall flavor galaxy: It’s tough to choose, but if I have to, then KimiJimi Food Club, Mikkeller, and Kebaboom. From KimiJimi, my favorites are teriyaki tiger prawns with plum mustard and wasabi mayonnaise! I like Mikkeller because they are not afraid of bold flavors. I especially love their chicken wings, specifically the garlic honey butter wings – crispy, juicy, and in a rich sauce – exactly what you expect from chicken wings. You can feel that the chef loves his work! And their house-special blue cheese sauce – I can confirm it’s amazing! After the chicken wings, I didn’t need napkins because I licked my fingers clean. 10/10! To celebrate a successful work week, my choice is a glass of Põhjala Õhtu from Mikkeller’s enormous beer selection, a light porter with a pleasant vanilla and chocolate note suitable for the lunch hour. And my long-time guilty pleasure is the döner bowl with fries and salad from Kebaboom. It works in any weather and mood! A rich and nourishing portion, including excellent handmade fries, plenty of onions, juicy jalapeno, and a healthy salad. All of this is perfectly tied together with a locally made sauce.

Super dish, with which I can surprise even the most unexpected guest: For quick occasions, I surprise my guests with Jüri’s special pasta carbonara – everyone agrees that it surpasses even the best carbonaras tried in Italy! For fish lovers, I offer salmon with grilled asparagus and Jüri’s special mushroom-cream sauce. Everyone immediately asks for the sauce recipe, but, of course, I don’t reveal it to them. If there’s more time, I prepare duck with pearl couscous and goat cheese-white chocolate sauce – a strange combo that leaves no one indifferent!

My magical culinary journey: Bold, rich, nuanced.

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