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In Viru Keskus get everything important for facing the new academic year


Excitement, anticipation, a bit of anxiety — what are you feeling as you face the new academic year? We all wish to enter a new classroom or office, or a new team by excelling with knowledge and skills and looking confident.

Technology and books are invaluable helpers for those seeking self-improvement. Simply hold on to your curiosity and the best experts in the world will share their knowledge and advice with you. Wish to develop a budding talent that you need to practice and polish? Is it important to you to maximise your athletic achievements or keep active for your mental health? With us you will find the best selection of art supplies, stationery items and sports equipment all set out for you.

After all there is no sin in using a lipstick or well-tailored suit to bolster your confidence. We may be a part of a high-tech society, but our confidence is built on the same human grounds like it was when we shaped letters with pieces of charcoal.

With us you will find iDeal, Euronics, Elisa, Elevatus and Klick to help you with their ranges of technology products and advice. The best bookshop in the world Rahva Raamat fulfils the wishes of the most demanding seeker of specialist literature and offers a wide range of stationery items, art and school supplies. Charlot supplements the selection of school and office supplies. Here you can find professional and high-tech sportswear in the flagship stores of Nike, adidas Originals, Under Armour and Sportland, Ballzy and Watch Wear shops. You will find a selection of comfortable and impressive school outfits in all out-fashion shops.



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