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In the spotlight of FIBIT: White Girl


FIBIT 2023’1 turns the spotlight on the work, personalities and style of the artists starring at the Tallinn Music Week.

SOUND LOUD ON, while you listen to this reel.

Intrigued by what you heard? Naive-experimental and ironically sociocritical artist, producer and performance artist White Girl will perform at the Tallinn Music Week on the Cindy & Kate stage on Saturday, May 13 in the club Kivi Paber Käärid.

Together with Tallinn Music Week we asked and White Girl answered.

Q: Your most improbable/weird/funny source of inspiration?
A: I am mostly inspired by rather traditional sources, like social bottlenecks, new experiences, my nearest and dearest, etc. The most surprising discovery for me was maybe a facial expression that started to intrigue me during one long evening. It looked like the upper lip was drawn up to the nose to reveal the top front teeth. The lower lip was drawn to the lower edge of the top teeth. The nose looked tight and crunched up, and eyes as wide open as possible.

Q: How to go fashionably Green?
A: The very first step that I hope many have taken long ago is not to get or order themselves new cheap clothes or accessories. If you want to buy something new, it should be high quality and long lasting. It is also important that the history of its making would be nature-friendly and labour-friendly. The Estonian people are actually rather responsible recycler of clothes and we should utterly value and support that.

Q: What is it that you never leave home without?
A: Foundation cream, unfortunately. Actually my favourite look is natural skin and complexion, but I feel much more self-confident with that cream. The knowledge that at any moment I can lather a ton of makeup on my face dissolves my fears at once. I have been trying to shake this dependence for years, but maybe it is really OK as we all have our tricks to boost self-confidence.

Q: What did you last learn about yourself?
A: That I used to sweat a lot, because all my life I have been using 48h antiperspirant roll-ons with aluminium that is supposed to cause breast cancer and that also ruined my whole perspiration system. I have now bought a new good eco deodorant, I sweat just as much and I stink on top of that. I hope it will pass soon.

Q: What are you expecting from the Tallinn Music Week?
A: During the last few years I have set up a tight schedule to see my favourites or new artists and take part in conferences. This year I am also looking forward to days filled with experiences, and surprising and touching performances. It would be great to hear singing voices without auto tune for a change and maybe even experience something political?! Surely every performance is a great chance to collect vitally important money or other help for somebody. As I will be touring France for two weeks in March I expect a new kind of energetic charge and finely finished provocations from my own performances.

Photos: Kalle Veesaar
Outfits: Viru Keskus
As envisioned by Johanna Oden and White Girl

Outfit 1
Shirt: adidas Originals
Pants: Adidas Originals
Ring: Mango
Footwear: Adidas Originals

Outfit 2
Glasses: Sportland
Coat: Armani Exchange
Shirt: Armani Exchange
Gloves: private collection
Bag: Guess
Footwear: Mango

Outfit 3
Earrings: Mango
Shirt: Sportland
Shirt: Sportland
Pants: Mango
Footwear: private collection

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