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In the spotlight of FIBIT: Maris Pihlap


FIBIT 2023’1 turns the spotlight on the work, personalities and style of the artists starring at the Tallinn Music Week.

SOUND LOUD ON, while you listen to this reel!
Liked what you heard? Maris Pihlap will perform at the Tallinn Music Week on Friday, May 12, in Fotografiska.

Together with Tallinn Music Week we asked and Maris Pihlap answered.

Q: Your most improbable/weird/funny source of inspiration?
A: For some reason I always have a thing about trams… Something exciting always happens there or I meet somebody inspiring. Meeting people and situations that you would otherwise drive unknowingly past on a highway are an unrecognised advantage of public transport over cars. My previous studio was directly behind a tram stop and quite often their sound also drove into my recordings.

Q: How to go fashionably Green?
A: I hope that the words ‘fashionable and Green’ will no longer mean a compromise in the future, but symbiosis. Maybe we can set an equal sign between these words soon? The hottest and trendiest phenomenon would be people who can take responsibility and make greater or smaller greener choices, depending on their possibilities and position, as well as they can or know how, and try to inch at least bit by bit toward a better world.

Q: What is it that you never leave home without?
A: I never leave home without eating. I learned from my grandfather that you need to have breakfast, especially during spring. Science also supports the approach that a proper and timely breakfast is important and especially for women. And then of course home keys and a bottle of pure water!

Q: What did you last learn about yourself?
A: That I am still growing.

Q: What are you expecting from the Tallinn Music Week?
A: I am expecting new contacts, musical discoveries, human connections and festival commotion that adds a bit of excitement to the air all over the city.


Photos: Kalle Veesaar
Outfits: Viru Keskus
As envisioned by Johanna Oden and Maris Pihlap


Outfit 1
Earrings: Mango
Blouse: Pinko
Dress: Mango
Brooch: Zara

Outfit 2
Coat: Malene Birger / / Kaubamaja
Earrings: Mango
Footwear: Zara

Outfit 3
Black suit: DSquared / Kaubamaja
Earrings: Mango
Ring: Claudia Lepik /private collection
Footwear: Zara

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