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In the spotlight of FIBIT: Anett


FIBIT 2023’1 turns the spotlight on the work, personalities and style of the artists starring at the Tallinn Music Week.

SOUND LOUD ON, while you listen to this reel.
Liked what you heard? Anett will perform at the Tallinn Music Week on the TIKS stage on Friday, May 12, in Fotografiska.

Together with Tallinn Music Week we asked and Anett answered.

Q: Your most improbable/weird/funny source of inspiration?
A: In a recent music writing session the story started with the producer saying quietly to open the session that we could take the tempo down a bit: “Let’s take this a little bit slower”. These words were the inspiration for the rest of the story.

Q: How to go fashionably Green?
A: I think large changes start with small actions and the simplest thing might be to practice using a reusable coffee mug and water bottle. And secondly, by visiting vintage and secondhand shops you might happen to find extra terrific items of clothing, crockery or furniture. When I buy something in shops, I choose very carefully and combine these products with vintage finds.

Q: What is it that you never leave home without?
A: I think generally it is my phone.

Q: What did you last learn about yourself?
A: That I am more patient that I would ever have guessed.

Q: What are you expecting from the Tallinn Music Week?
A: I hope to discover terrific new artists.


Photos: Kalle Veesaar
Outfits: Viru Keskus
As envisioned by Johanna Oden and Anett

Outfit 1
Earrings: Mango
Earrings: Zara
Earrings: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Pants: Zara
Belt: Armani Exchange
Footwear: Zara
Rings: Claudia Lepik /private collection

Outfit 2
Earrings: Mango
Earrings: Zara
Earrings: Zara
Bathrobe: Kaubamaja
Bra: Kaubamaja
Pants: American Vintage
Rings: Claudia Lepik


Outfit 3
Earrings: Mango
Earrings: Zara
Earrings: Zara
Coat: Stine Goya / Kaubamaja
Bra: American Vintage
Pants: Xenia Joost / Kaubamaja
Rings: Claudia Lepik /private collection


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