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Ilusfäär – the most convenient beauty, health and wellness centre in the heart of the city


Most convenient beauty, health and wellness centre in the heart of the city. Whole floor the whole body. On the 4th floor of Viru Keskus.

All you need to be in great shape, healthy, beautiful and attractive, balanced and confident can now be found at Ilusfäär on the 4th floor of Viru Keskus. And all that conveniently whenever you need it. Whole floor the whole body. The range of aesthetic services includes options for both women and men, and there are health services for the whole family

It is extremely convenient to go to Ilusfäär and it is easy to find as it stretches all over the 4th floor of the centre. It is easy to access when you come by foot – under Viru Keskus there is the central Tallinn bus terminal, where you can conveniently take the elevator straight up to Ilusfäär – or when you come by car drive simply to the fourth floor of the most favourable parking house in the city centre, park in front of the door and step inside.

Ilusfäär in Viru Keskus is open daily during the general opening hours of the centre. You can find any differences noted in the sections dedicated to various service providers where you can also book your procedures.

Confido aesthetic clinic

Confido aesthetic clinic offers a wide range of procedures to preserve the beauty of the body and youthful skin, and also remove any undesirable defects. Confido aesthetic clinic employs professional doctors, dermatologists and cosmetologists proficient in laser treatments and aesthetic medicine.

In the aesthetic clinic we provide a wide range of services:

– electromagnetic muscle stimulation,

– lipolysis that is a non-surgical method of removing fatty tissue by freezing fat cells under vacuum,

– shockwave therapy that is a non-surgical method of removing fatty tissue by stimulating collagen formation with shockwaves and making skin more supple,

– 360° body mapping together with drafting a treatment plan,

– plasma lifting, filler injections, acid peeling, botuline injections and many other services.

Confido Esteetikakliinik has authorisations to practice no. L05588 and L05601.

Confido Walk In Clinic

Confido Walk In Clinic in Viru Keskus offers quick solutions to your health problems. We help with various health issues and when you feel unwell, but we also offer assistance with minor injuries. Our experienced doctors and nurses will listen to your complaints, they will advise you and provide treatment at once or help you book a necessary diagnostic test or specialist’s visit.

In the Walk In Clinic we provide a wide range of services:

  • advice and consultation,
  • issue medical certificates,
  • wound treatment and procedures,
  • blood tests and health tests,
  • diagnostic tests, like birthmark examination, body composition analysis and heart cardiogram,
  • Covid test,
  • vaccination.

Confido clinic in Viru Keskus has authorisations to practice no. L05590, L05591 and L05592.

Niine Nahakliinik

The mission of Niine Nahakliinik is to ensure early detection of melanoma and skin cancer, and provide fast appropriate treatment. In addition to melanoma and skin cancer we diagnose and treat other skin conditions, allergies and sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic has a substantial portfolio of beauty services using modern non-invasive and minimally invasive methods (cosmetic treatments, photorejuvenation, filler injections). The staff of Niine Nahakliinik consists of experts with medical qualifications – dermatologists and oncologists highly regarded in Estonia and in Europe.

The clinic in Viru Keskus checks birthmarks, treats common skin issues like papillomas and warts, and provides aesthetic beauty procedures.

The clinic of Niine Nahakliinik in Viru Keskus has authorisation to practice no. L05730.


NailSpa is the largest and most modern nail salon in Estonia that specialises in manicures and pedicures. We offer high quality care procedures in a pleasant relaxing environment. For us it is very important that the customer would enjoy every minute spent with us.

We are the only salon in Estonia to offer the option of ordering a simultaneous manicure and pedicure.

Make Your ID

MAKE YOUR ID is not just a hair salon, but represents a philosophy and continuous search for new styles!

MAKE YOUR ID has been offering hairdresser’s services since 2008 and the creators of the brand – top hairdressers Igor Zaharov and Denis Kovalenko – have become renowned for their work beyond Estonian borders.

We provide a wide range of hair services from haircuts and colouring to complete style makeovers. We offer to women, men and children haircuts, colouring and highlights, hair treatments and hair care, chemical curling and straightening or a festive hairdo for special events.


Sports club MyFitness Viru is located in the heart of the city on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of Viru Keskus. The entrance to the club and its reception desk are on the 4th floor of Viru Keskus.

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and support people to lead an active lifestyle through regular exercise. We offer the opportunities of visiting a strength training gym with a cardio park, free weights and stretching area or our varied selection of group fitness classes. In addition we also offer individual counselling, personal trainers and the possibility of creating an individual training plan. Our experienced professional trainers will help you to achieve your aims and move toward a better version of yourself.

Padel Company

Padel Company offers two high level padel courts on the rooftop of Viru Keskus. In addition to the courts you will also find a bar offering food and drinks, and a cosy relaxing area. We offer a perfect environment to enjoy fine weather and to relax after an active game of padel. You can rent the rackets from the administrator, but you can add them at once to your court booking. The courts are open during the summer season.

You can rent the rackets from the administrator, but you can add them at once to your court booking. Padel is mostly played in pairs and as it is allowed to use the walls around the court for rebound after the ball bounces off the ground it makes the game much more exciting and social than other types of sport. Up to 4 players can be present on each court and points are counted like in tennis. For more information about the game of padel and its rules, and for booking go to

The courts are open Mon-Fri 7:00 – 24:00 and Sat-Sun 9:00 – 24:00. While the centre is closed the courts can be accessed through the entrance on Estonia avenue.


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