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Health and wellness centre with the greatest range of services in the city centre is nearly completed


As an iconic step of the renovation process of Viru Keskus a wellness, beauty and aesthetic medicine centre will be created to bring together the best service providers in Estonia and offer the citizens an easily accessible and convenient centre. Many high quality services will be gathered on a single floor to provide a convenient single one-stop service to the visitors. 

According to Gertti Kogermann, the CEO of Viru Keskus, Viru Keskus as a modern trade Mecca is fulfilling the wishes of its customers who are paying ever more attention to their wellness. “With this unique wellness centre concept we can offer traditional goods and services, but in addition we can fulfil the growing needs of people to pay attention to their health and wellness. This is a place where they can have their health indicators checked and their bodies and minds invigorated all in the course of a single visit,” said Kogermann.

“The creation of a wellness centre is part of the comprehensive concept update. We are paying ever more attention to services and have divided the centre into more logical areas with the lower floors set aside for everyday goods and fashion purchases, the third floor for invigorating the mind, and the fourth floor for health and body, also supported by the sports club on the top floors,” said Kogermann to describe the changes. “We are happy to see that our partners are coming in with new unique services and that their vision coincides with ours. Currently we have only one last small rental space vacant,” he added.

The future wellness centre will include such well-known establishments offering their services like Confido Medical Centre, MakeYourID focused on hairdressing services, Niine Nahakliinik solving skin problems, nail salon NailSpa and sports club MyFitness, all creating unique services just for this centre.

The Estonian medical Confido Healthcare Group will be the anchor tenant and in the new wellness centre it will open its largest clinic with ten offices extending over the space of 400 square metres. In addition to consultations with nurses and doctors the Confido aesthetic clinic in Viru Keskus will offer new beauty and aesthetic medicine services never before seen on the Estonian market. “Among others we will bring to the new clinic mimic wrinkles treatment, modelling of facial contours with filler injections, anti-inflammatory skin treatment, skin tightening procedures, various body procedures and the important strand of treating complications from beauty treatments,” said Oksana Jalakas, the development manager of Confido walk-in clinics, referring to the fact that Confido has developed a separate extensive treatment protocol for skin and body rejuvenating and tightening services.

Oksana Jalakas is convinced that opening the Confido clinic in Viru Keskus is a step in the right direction. “People value and take care of their health ever more and we can see that also in our walk-in clinics that have been positively welcomed. Therefore it is now the right time to bring a wide selection of Confido’s health services supported by Estonian top doctors to the visitors of a shopping centre in the very heart of Tallinn,” Jalakas said and emphasised that in the walk-in clinics patients can get help from early morning to late at night and even on weekends.

Raul Niin, the executive manager of Niine Nahakliinik, finds that Viru Keskus is a perfect location for a new branch of a skin clinic with more that 12 years of experience. “The strong brand of Viru Keskus, the best location in the city centre and a fresh approach to combining beauty and wellness services in a single level suited us perfectly,” said Mr. Niin. “Practice has shown that in the aesthetics field the most high quality and safe services can be offered by staff and clinics that have medical education and experience Therefore we will open in Viru Keskus a clinic focused on aesthetic services,” explained the representative of Niine clinic. They highlighted the fact that the Niine clinic in Viru Keskus will be doing fast check-ups of single birthmarks, treating simple skin problems like papilloma, warts etc., but it will also offer aesthetic beauty procedures, including laser treatments, laser epilation etc.

Opening of health and wellness center on Viru Keskus fourth floor will take place on spring.

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